Okay, I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At All These Ignorant Americans Who Got Absolutely Roasted Into Oblivion So Far This Year

Okay, I Seriously Can't Stop Laughing At All These Ignorant Americans Who Got Absolutely Roasted Into Oblivion So Far This Year

1.On the French language:

The image shows a social media screenshot with two comment exchanges joking about the French language

2.On mums:

Screenshot of social media comments discussing the correct spelling of 'mother'

3.On Texas:

Text messages debating Texas' location with green, pink, and blue speech bubbles, with translation options

4.On country size:

Screenshot of two social media comments debating European geographical knowledge and perception of the US size

5.On temperature:

Two blurred social media comments, one about Fahrenheit and freedom, the other calling it the dumbest comment, with heart and reply count

6.On New Zealand:

Photo of Baldwin Street in Dunedin, NZ, known as the steepest street, with two people walking
Getty Images / Via Facebook

7.On ambulances:

Meme: Blurry ambulance with text "Quick post pictures of stuff the Americans are asleep isn't expensive," with comments jesting about healthcare costs
Getty Images / Via Facebook

8.On rugby:

The image shows two social media comments joking about American soccer teams compared to the NFL

9.On sourdough bread:

The image shows a screenshot of three social media comments debating whether sourdough bread originated from America, with differing opinions

10.On fridges:

Screenshot of a social media comment exchange with misconceptions about Germans and a retort questioning the commenter's intelligence

11.On Portugal:

Summarized text: A Q&A discussion satirizes typical online expert responses by suggesting drinking wine instead of water, reflecting a stereotype about Portugal

12.On Euros:

Question about currency use in Ireland, Scotland, France, and England, asking if US money is accepted or if Euros are needed

13.On gold and diamonds:

The image shows a screenshot of a social media post asking for tips on how to buy gold in Dubai and whether the price is fixed. There are comments below, one asking what "AED" means

14.On the dictionary:

Comment thread on a post discussing the most used dictionaries, with someone mentioning the Oxford English Dictionary's prominence and history

15.On walkable cities:

The image shows a social media comment exchange with one user stating "europe chose their little walkable cities, we chose to go to the moon" and another replying "please stay there next time"

16.On AC:

A screenshot of a social media comment thread discussing Europeans' use of modern technology like microwaves in homes

17.On months:

Ultrasound image with a circled section resembling a figure, compared to a real figure on the right. Text and social media interface elements present

18.On Australia:

A close-up of a melted container of lip balm due to high heat. Comments on the post debate seasonal differences between hemispheres

19.On tipping:

The image shows a smartphone screen displaying a social media post with the title "POV: TOO FRENCH TO TIP" and comments debating tipping culture

20.On Polish:

Reddit post seeking advice on learning Polish and a user's encouraging response

21.On those lovable rubber circles:

A screenshot of a social media conversation with multiple users discussing the origin of the tyre

22.On tradition:

Screenshot of an online discussion about engagement rings, with mixed opinions on whether it's an American tradition

23.On toilets:

Image contains a social media conversation about toilets in America versus Europe and a comment on education and plumbing systems

24.On Texas, again:

Top comment claims Texas is twice the size of Europe; bottom comment corrects it

25.On NASA:

Commentary on a social media post about temperature systems with flags representing countries

26.On passports:

Social media screenshot of a conversation expressing frustration about travel rights post-Brexit, with a reply poking fun at the situation

27.On World War II:

Screenshot of a social media conversation discussing a World War 2 history book

28.On dollars:

Screen capture of a social media exchange where one user incorrectly states that only the USA uses the dollar currency, and another corrects them with a list of countries using it

29.And on fridges, again:

Reddit post asking about refrigerators in American and English homes, with a humorous reply about storing perishables in a hole

Good grief.