OK, But How Much Does a Met Gala Ticket Cost?

An invitation to the Met Gala is highly coveted. The fashion event of the year, held every May at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is attended by only the glitziest A-list celebrities and biggest names in fashion. The red carpet photos are legendary, the yearly themes are always highly anticipated, and getting a ticket makes the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster debacle look like a cake walk. Presiding over the entire affair is Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who plans the event down to the tiniest detail and has singlehandedly turned the Met Gala into the media maelstrom that it is today.

How much does a ticket to the Met Gala cost?

According to the BBC, inflation has really come for the Met Gala as the price for a ticket in 2024 is $75,000, which is up from the 2023 price of just $50,000 per person (what a steal!) But, just because you've got $75K lying around somewhere does not guarantee you a ticket. In fact, in nearly every case, having the money doesn't really matter at all.

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And how do you get a ticket to the Met Gala?

There are several ways to even earn the ABILITY to purchase a ticket to the event. The first is by being a mega donor to the Met Museum, and the second is by being a reputable fashion house or massive corporation that secures a table. Both of these are completely subject to Wintour's discretion though, so just because you've donated $1 million to the Museum or own Frito-Lay does not mean you'll get an invite.

How much does a table cost at the Met Gala?

While some people get individual invites, most tables are bought for $350,000 by companies like Gucci, Prada or Amazon, who then get to choose which celebs they would like to sit at their table/wear their designs. However, even those selections are subject to Anna Wintour's approval, so if Jeff Bezos wants to bring his aunt as a guest, that might get nixed.

TL;DR the Met Gala tickets are $75,000, but you can't get one anyways so it doesn't really matter. You're better off just following Parade's coverage instead.

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