Nova’s Wippa refuses wife's request to 're-jig' engagement ring

Radio star Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli has this morning stirred up a fierce debate on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa when he steadfastly refused to allow his wife to change the engagement ring he picked out for her.

The heated on-air discussion began when Wippa, 41, claimed that his wife of eight years, Lisa 'didn't like' the rock he'd presented her with when he proposed, which didn't surprise his co-host Sarah McGilvray in the least.

Nova 9.69 radio host Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli with his wife Lisa and their three children
Nova 96.9 star Wippa is refusing his wife's request to 're-jig' her engagement ring. Photo: Instagram/lisawipfli.

"She said to me, 'I’ve never mentioned this to you before but I don’t really like my engagement ring,'" he said.

"I knew this for years," replied Sarah, leaving Wippa flabbergasted.

"The problem is [...] that you chose [the ring] without any consultation, you just picked and you claimed to be the expert," she explained.

At this point, Fitzy piped up to agree with Sarah and argue that since Lisa has to wear the ring for the rest of her life she should be able to choose it.


Nova 9.69 radio host Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli's wife Lisa holding up her hand to display her diamond engagement ring
Lisa, Wippa's wife, had her engagement ring on show when she shared a photo in support of domestic violence charity Polished Man. Photo: Instagram/lisawipfli.

'Absolutely not'

Wippa wasn't having a bar of it, declaring that he would 'absolutely not' buy the mum-of-three another ring to replace her existing one because of its sentimental value.

"It’s almost like a snapshot in time right, we went on a holiday, it’s sentimental, we were in Switzerland, we had this beautiful moment on the balcony overlooking the lake and [...] everything that was in that moment is in that ring.

"Take away that ring, lose that moment."

The fact that Megan Markle famously changed her engagement ring after marrying Prince Harry, as Sarah pointed out, doesn't fly with Wippa.

"That would be right, insulting. Insulting to Harry," he said.

Meghan Markle attends an Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey on April 25, 2018 in London, England. Anzac Day commemorates members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who died during the Gallipoli landings of 1915. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)
Meghan Markle (pictured in 2018) famously changed her engagement ring after her wedding to Prince Harry. Photo: Getty Images.

Wippa's wife calls in

Wippa's wife Lisa rang in to tell her side of the story and, as it turned out, Wippa's version was a little bit twisted.

Not only does she still 'adore' her ring but it was Wippa's suggestion to get her a new one after he realised the ring needed repairing.

"Can I tell the story," Lisa began. "[Wippa] discovered the rock was loose, he said, 'don’t wear that, let’s get that fixed.

"And I said, 'maybe this is a chance for me to remodel this a bit, keep the centre stone and everything, I’m not asking for a bigger ring'.

"And he said, 'well hang on that represents a time in our lives so I would rather that you keep that ring and we'll get you a new one!'"

Since then, Lisa has been sending her husband images of rings she likes, only to have him turn around and feign confusion.

"Can I just say something here? To men out there who think the ring needs to stay the same forever and they get all precious about it, if I made you wear the same pair of shoes and shirt for the rest of your life you wouldn’t do it. Same as a ring!" she said.

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