North Korean defector chases K-pop stardom on idol reality show


A young man who defected from North Korea has now set his sights on becoming a K-pop idol.

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  • "Make Mate 1" is a new idol survival show that aims to debut a global K-pop group. It features 35 contestants from around the world.

  • Kim, now aged 19 or 20, has been open about the difficulties he has faced adjusting to life in South Korea. He said he watched a lot of TV to learn about the culture.

  • He initially felt hesitant to share his background, but he ultimately decided to use his platform to inspire others facing challenges. "I think it's more about wanting to give hope to people who are in a difficult environment or who can't do what they want to do," he said.

  • Netizens have been vocal in their support for Kim, with many expressing their admiration for his courage and determination.

  • Comments such as "He endured so much at such a young age. Fighting!" and "It's so good to see there being more opportunities for people from different situations" have flooded social media platforms.


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