Sylvia Jeffreys lands new show eight months after leaving Today

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Sylvia Jeffreys has her own show. Photo: Getty

After leaving her role on the Today show at the end of last year amid a huge shake-up of the program, Sylvia Jeffreys has been going from strength to strength.

The 33-year-old, who along with her husband Peter Stefanovic and brother-in-law Karl got the boot from the breakfast show, has now landed her very own show a good eight months later.

Having re-signed with the network for another four years recently, the newsreader will now be the face of a new nightly news program Nine News Watch with Sylvia Jeffreys.

New type of news bulletin

The new program is launching tonight on Facebook Watch and will air Monday to Friday at 8pm.

“I suppose the first and most obvious difference is that this Nine News bulletin won't be seen on Channel Nine, it will only be seen on Facebook,” Sylvia said during a brief re-appearance on the Today show on Monday morning.

Sylvia Jeffreys introduces Nine News Watch. Photo: Channel Nine

User interaction

The new-style news program is being dubbed “different and dynamic” and will allow online viewers to help shape the bulletin each night with posts and polls during the day.

“It is also very user driven because we know people want the news when and where they want the news when and where they want it these days,” Sylvia added.

She left the Today show last year. Photo: Getty

“And a lot of the time people want it in the palm of their hand. So that's what we will deliver.

“Hopefully everyone gets on board. Looking forward to seeing how it unfolds.”

The shock of leaving Today

Sylvia famously left her beloved newsreader job on the Today show, after her husband’s controversial Ubergate scandal with brother Karl.

But by June this year, she had joined A Current Affair as a reporter, and announced she had re-signed with Channel Nine.

She left Today after both husband Peter Stefanovic and Karl. Photos: Instagram/sylviajeffreys

“It can be hard to feel complete confidence in yourself when sands are shifting, but I’m thrilled Nine is backing me and showing that commitment to me,” she told Stellar magazine at the time.

She also made the admission she felt like she was ‘collateral’ damage at first.

“I didn’t see change on that scale coming,” she told the magazine. “I don't know on what basis those decisions were made, but whatever way you look at it, I was collateral.”

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