Nicole Richie's genius bag-organising hack

We all know that feeling; you’re tearing through your handbag, searching for your keys, your wallet, your phone, and all you wind up with is a heap of frayed tissues and a leaking, icky lip gloss.

Nicole Richie, style icon, founder of the lifestyle brand Honey Minx and mother of two has been there. And then some.

“I, like a lot of women, always tend to have anything I might need during the day in my bag,” she says.

“From jewellery to sunglasses, hand lotions, to tea bags and reusable cups and being the Virgo that I am, I need organisation in my life.”

So Nicole took matters into her own hands, so to speak.

To keep track of her never-ending bag stuffers, she created a series of smaller bags for Honey Minx — shown in the video above — which she fills with various essentials and then tosses into her larger bag.

“My phone is out, and I have my keys out. That’s fine. Then I have a bag for anything, especially if I’m traveling, any sort of cords, any chargers, electronics, and anything like that, I have that bag. Then I have a self-care bag for my essential oils and hand lotion, along with a bag for my jewellery, too.”

“I just like feeling organised, and I like feeling like my bag is clean,” she says.

Consider us sold!

This article was paid for by Working Sundays, the parent company of Honey Minx, and created by Yahoo Lifestyle.  Prices on the Honey Minx website are in USD.

About Honey Minx

Inspired by her love of California, Nicole Richie’s new lifestyle collection, Honey Minx, integrates Nicole’s passion for living her true self and expressing creativity through fashion and beauty. This collection highlights her love of eclectic pieces, soothing textures and celebrates the energy that we are given by the sun.

Honey Minx is available on Check out their 24K gold beauty mask in the video below:

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