The fashion rule Nicole Richie always breaks

She’s the brains behind the celebrated fashion lines House of Harlow and Honey Minx, so it’s no surprise Nicole Richie likes to follow her own style path when it comes to fashion.

While people are always being told to follow the classic fashion rules, Nicole encourages her customers to ignore them and just do what feels right instead.

“There is that big rule of ‘Before you leave take one thing off’ and I’m like, ‘Before you leave you need to put one more thing on’ but that’s just me,” the 37-year-old tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Nicole Richie likes to follow her own rules when it comes to fashion. Photo: Getty

In fact, the fashion maven ignores trends altogether when it comes to putting her looks and designs together.

“I actually really encourage my customers to stay away from the word ‘trend’ because I think it is extremely limiting and very alienating.

“It just means that the majority of people are wearing it right now,” she explains. “That’s not something that serves me, I couldn’t even tell you a trend right now if you paid me.”

The mother-of-two continues: “I am 5’1″, and I am myself. It just doesn’t serve me to focus on what the majority of people are wearing. And in that, I couldn’t say that something doesn’t work. It’s a very personal choice.”

The style maven is all about laying items and doing what feel right for you. Photo: Getty

Despite being a fashion inspiration to many around the world, Nicole admits she never looked to others for ideas on how to style herself.

“For me, it’s less about an aesthetic that I want to emulate and more about the people that really go for their look in full force,” Nicole says.

“My love for fashion started with mum. She was going to every event with my dad in the 80s and she was out every night. While we have very different styles – it was the act of watching her put her looks together that really inspired me to go into clothing myself.”

Nicole Richie is starring in a new shoppable video series, Style NowWith, for Yahoo Lifestyle where you can click on the clothes Nicole is wearing and mimic her style. Check out her one fashion must-have in the video below, or explore all her shoppable videos here.

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