New Sunrise host Nat Barr makes hilarious live 'birthday' gaffe

Natalie Barr has made it to the end of her first week on the hosting desk for Sunrise, but not before she made a hilarious on-air gaffe that had her colleagues in stitches.

Nat, who replaced Samantha Armytage as co-host of the program from this week, welcomed viewers to the show on Friday morning with: "Hello everyone, sorry we were just chatting."

nat barr makes mistake on Sunrise
Natalie Barr suffered a hilarious slip of the tongue on Sunrise. Photo: Channel 7

But then she added: "Happy Birthday!"

Which was met with confusion from and laughter from the rest of the panel, who asked if there was a birthday they had missed.

"Wait sorry!" Nat said as she dropped her head to the table also laughing at her mistake.


"I mean happy Friday everyone!" she clarified.

"I'm just so glad I got to Friday. It's been such a big week."

David Koch eventually got things back on track saying, "Alright we'll start again".

Some Sunrise viewers were also left a little confused by the mistake - with the clip sparking a few Happy Birthday wishes for Nat on the show's Twitter account.

Others just appreciated the good laugh that early in the morning.

"How did you know it was my birthday," one fan wrote.

The newsreader, who has been with the popular breakfast program for 18 years, stepped up to co-host alongside David Koch after Samantha Armytage's decision to leave the show.

Earlier this week she revealed the change had been a little "nightmarish", admitting that being in the spotlight wasn't her "natural habitat" and it will take some getting used to.

“I love covering the news, I love going out to these stories. But the attention on me is not my natural habitat," she told TV Blackbox.

“The first day, was probably a bit nightmarish for me because everyone kept asking ‘How are you, how are you going, what’s it like, first day."

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