'Well damn': Neighbour's 15-metre long note over 'stolen' toy

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Getting along with neighbours can be tricky business – there’s no escaping them and living in close proximity is bound to bring out some tensions between even the most mature of adults.

Well, one person has an over the fence squabble to the next level, laying out their grievances against their neighbours in a jaw-dropping note that stretched over 15 metres in length.

Reddit user's 15-metre note about toy dispute
A neighbour has aired their grievances over a toy dispute in a 15-metre long note. Photo: Reddit

The baffling situation was shared to Reddit by the baffled recipient of the note, who wrote that the extreme reaction was prompted by a squabble over their respective children’s toys.

Uploading a video of the note, which wouldn’t fit into a single photo frame, the mum went some way to explaining the background to the note.

“[My] neighbour says her 7-year-old daughter told her to write a mean ‘note’ telling us to give her toys back that the girl had left in our yard,” she captioned the video.

In comments, she explained further that she had already returned the toys.

“It’s not that we refuse,” she explained. “We’ve told her she’s more than welcome to come over and look around for any more that may be theirs. She continues doing this batty sh*t.”

Despite the neighbour’s insistence that the note had been her child’s idea, the mum shared that she had caught the delivery on her home security system, which showed the child ‘forced’ to deliver the note.

Internet explodes over ‘crazy’ note

Side by side image of 15-metre long note addressed to neighbour
The contents of the note were hard to read, but it's size spoke volumes. Photo: Reddit

The baffling scenario enthralled Reddit users, almost 600 of whom have commented on the post to express their concern and incredulity.

Many were concerned for the poor child who was forced to deliver the missive.

“Oh man, can you imagine what her 7-year-old feels living with this craziness,” one wrote. “I really feel for this whole situation. I hope the mom gets the help she needs.”

Others struggled at first to discern what the many metres of paper actually was.

“I thought it was receipt paper on a table at first... and then realized that it was something much more crazy,” one wrote.

“I feel like this could've been sent in an email,” another time-conscious person observed. “It's still crazy no matter what medium it's in but writing it all out on this long piece of paper just gives it that extra "what the f***.”


Others couldn’t even fathom the anger behind the delivery.

“Imagine being so angry at your neighbour that you go and buy a god damn scroll,” one person wrote.

Another had a brilliant idea for a secondary use for the scroll.

“You should do a reading of it, with trumpets costumes and a long carpet, to the entire neighbourhood,” they suggested.

It’s not the first time a parent has captured the internet with their antics.

A mother’s Instagram post advertising etiquette classes she had set up to ‘teach girls aged 7-12 traditional manners with a modern twist’ caused a stir earlier this year.

The woman stated in a Facebook post that she’s been ‘trolled’ for promoting ‘Little Miss Etiquette’ over on Instagram where she’d shared a rather divisive quote.

“If you have a daughter, remember this; when you finish with her, the rest of the world has to live with her,” the quote read.

Back on Facebook, the mum claimed that her business idea was been dubbed ‘sexist, oppressive, misogynistic and patriarchal’ by outraged commenters.

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