Mum's etiquette lessons for 'young ladies' post roasted online

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A mum has been roasted online after reaching out for an opinion on her new business, an etiquette school that aims to ‘teach girls aged 7-12 traditional manners with a modern twist’.

The woman stated in a Facebook post that she’s been ‘trolled’ for promoting ‘Little Miss Etiquette’ over on Instagram where she’d shared a rather divisive quote.

Photo: Instagram.
Photo: Instagram.

“If you have a daughter, remember this; when you finish with her, the rest of the world has to live with her,” the quote read.

She captioned the post by stating the school’s purpose: “Little Miss Etiquette is dedicated to taking what we learnt from our predecessors and using it to transition our daughters smoothly and respectfully into adulthood ... so they are pleasant to live with.”

Back on Facebook, the mum claimed that her business idea was been dubbed ‘sexist, oppressive, misogynistic and patriarchal’ by outraged commenters.

Photo: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.

“Am I being ridiculous in thinking there’s a place for etiquette and manners in the 21st century?” she asked in the post.

She also explained that the decision for the school to only accepts girls was ‘by no means a sexist play’ but rather purely based on ‘market research’.

“I have a son and a daughter and I teach them both good manner and respect,” she pointed out.

Etiquette school stirs debate

The woman’s posts were met with a huge response on both Facebook and Instagram, with the majority of social media users unhappy about the message behind the etiquette school.

“This is sexist, classist, oppressive, white supremist [sic] bullshit that belongs in the 1960s,” wrote one user in the comments.

“I cannot believe this thinking still exists,” said another.

Photo: Instagram.
Photo: Instagram.


Over on Instagram, the feedback was largely the same, with one user calling the school ‘horrible’.

“Treating women like objects. You’re [sic] whole business concept has no place in today’s world. So much eww,” they wrote.

“This is not the right message to be teaching young women, this really is very offensive,” added another.

Photo: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.

Not everyone was against the idea, however, with one Facebook user calling it ‘fantastic!’

“It is well needed for both boys and girls to learn general manners,” they wrote.

Another suggested that the business owner refine her messaging.

“The concept of etiquette and manners is fine but the way you’re trying to deliver that message is just off,” they advised.

Photo: Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.

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