This 'naked' swimsuit is the skimpiest so far

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The divisive swimsuit is the definition of ‘business in the front, party at the back’ says one Twitter user. Photo: Missguided

A pair of swimmers that are more swim-string than swimsuit, has divided social media, but sold out online.

The daring suit is the ‘red square neck g string thong swimsuit’ by UK label Missguided, and you’d need to be very brave to wear it to the beach.

The mouthful of a name covers more surface area than the suit, with the eye-watering design featuring a g-string – emphasis on string – back, and a super-high cut fabric cover at the front.

The back of the suit is uncomfortably brief. Photo: Missguided

The makers of the divisive suit shared a customer’s disbelieving tweet about the swimmers to their Facebook page alongside the baffling caption: “When you have a Skype interview at 11, and a pool party at 3”, and it has blown up.

The design is the true embodiment of ‘party in the back, business in the front’ as one twitter user aptly pointed out, and the internet is outraged.

Some understandably question the AU$20 rice tag, given the brief nature of the suit.

“Bit of a cheek charging £10 for half a swimsuit,” said one disbelieving customer.

“Is there much point in wearing anything,” queried one woman.

“Whaaaat… might as well just walk around naked, what’s the point in that,” said another.

Some shoppers question the price tag given the lack of material. Photo: Missguided

While one user was downright revolted: “This is disgusting.”

The overarching question on everyone’s lips seemed to be: Who, if anyone, is buying this?

“LOOOOL WTF WHO IS WEARING THIS,” one woman commented on the original Twitter post.

Another user said: “I wanna know who buys these… do they not have parents?”

For a third it was out of the question: “surely people can’t actually be buying this tho???”

As it turns out; they can and are.

The suit is sold out online meaning some people, somewhere have dared to drag this stringy slip-waiting-to-happen kicking and screaming into the broad light of day.

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