‘My first time at a fetish sex club was the best experience of my life’

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WARNING – NOT SAFE FOR WORK: His weight on top pinned me to the couch as I wrapped my legs around his body.

Feeling the black leather stretch beneath my bare skin, I arched my head backwards, losing myself in the moment.

His fingers traced the collar that circled my neck and held three chains in place, each running down to my waist.

Suddenly he pulled at one.

My experience visiting the world's largest sex club. Source: Getty
My experience visiting the world's largest sex club. Source: Getty

Jolting me into submission, my eyes flung open to reveal a growing audience around us.

The voyeurs stood transfixed, watching on with admiration as they sipped drinks and hooked up with each other.


Down the rabbit hole

It was a Saturday night and I was at the world’s largest fetish club in London for “those seeking an experience far beyond the norm.”

Offering an immersive underworld of playrooms, dungeons and erotic encounters, the club’s annual Halloween ball promised to be a night I’d never forget.

With a “strict and non-negotiable” dress code, the website invited guests to “transform into their most extravagant and extreme versions of themselves” as they left the real world behind and crossed the threshold.

Adult sex games. Kinky lifestyle. Spank and a pair of black high-heeled shoes on the red linen. Bdsm outfit - Image
I threw myself down the rabbit hole. Source: Getty

As far as first experiences go, I was about to throw myself down the rabbit hole.

Wearing the metal chain choker, a black suspender belt with thigh-high stockings, patent stilettos and leather cuffs around my wrists, I entered the club full of nerves and excitement.

But with an open mind, and body, I was prepared for anything that lay ahead.

The BDSM playroom

Apart from the costumes, or lack of all clothes, the club seemed like any other nightclub at first


There were bars, a dance floor, a roving photographer and even performers on a stage.

But then I entered the playroom. An arena of sexual fantasies come to life.

With the sound of leather hitting flesh reverberating across the room, bodies could be found on every surface, enthralled in BDSM action.

From four poster beds to benches and giant wooden crosses, men and women were strung up while others had their fun.

Holding whips, paddles, riding crops and floggers, guests unleashed their deepest fetishes under the watchful eye of staff who were teaching others how to hurt with pleasure.

An alternate universe of desire

Leaving the playroom behind, I climbed the staircase to the upper lounge which looked down over the debauchery.

Under a darkened light and smoother beat, the room was thick with tension as guests paired up in public view on couches spread from wall to wall.

Everywhere I looked the action was erotic and enticing, as people watched others in the most intimate of acts with a respect usually reserved for art.

I ached to be a part of it.

And then, while passing by the bar, a man caught my eye.

Shirtless and toned in leather pants and nothing else, he towered above me in a sea of people.

“Hello,” he murmured into my ear, just audible over the sound of the music, one hand resting on my shoulder.

By the time he’d ordered me a drink, his lips were on mine.

Riding crop, a whip flogger and blindfold mask on red satin, kinky sex toys for dom / sub sexual games and other forms of kink
At first, it looked like any normal nightclub – but it was anything but. Source: Getty

It felt like the most natural move in the world.

It was an alternate universe where you could do anything you wanted.

Taking my hand, the stranger led me across the room to a couch in the far corner, overlooking the playroom through a floor-to-ceiling window.

Sitting down he pulled me onto his lap while his foreign hands explored my body.

Closing my eyes, I could feel people around us. The busyness of the bar and several spectators who’d stopped for the not-so-private show.

But with eyes wide open, I was unperturbed and carried on.

Suddenly he lifted me up and carried me towards the window, pressing my back up against the glass that looked down on the steamy scene below.

I was hooked.

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