Mums reveal the weirdest names they've heard at the school gates

Parents shared the most bizarre names they’d come across Photo: Getty Images
Parents shared the most bizarre names they’d come across Photo: Getty Images

We’re all used to celebrities trotting out bizarre baby names. These days when the latest Apple, Bear or North-West is introduced to the world we barely bat an eye.

When you hear it in the playground however, it’s a different story. A recent thread posted to mumsnet, asked users to share the most bizarre names they had come across in the playground, and the results are hilarious.

The replies are proof that even the most infamous celebrity baby names barely scratch the surface when it comes to the truly weird.

Topping the list are children named after their parents favourite brands; users reported hearing other parents calling after little ‘L’Oreals’ ‘Elvives’ and ‘Armanis’ on a worryingly regular basis.

One parent even came across a ‘Versace’ with matching twin siblings ‘Dolce’ and ‘Gabbana’. You can’t fault them on consistency.

It wasn’t only the luxury brands that got a look-in however, other parents opted for the sportier options of ‘Nike’ and ‘Adidas’ while a few car-lovers dubbed their offspring ‘Porsche’ and ‘Mercedes’.

The thread also featured plant-based names like ‘Lettice’ and ‘Orange’, as well as the numerical options of ‘Seven’ and ‘Sixteen’.

Names so bad they’re good Photo: Getty Images
Names so bad they’re good Photo: Getty Images

Some parents even doubled up with matching sets; siblings ‘Bert’ and ‘Ernie’ were outdone only by sisters ‘Bicardi’, ‘Tequila’ and ‘Martina’.

“They would brag that were named after what their mum was drinking when they were conceived,” the user who shared the trio’s names revealed.

Other beverage-based favourites included ‘Tia Maria’, ‘Champagne’ and even ‘Budweiser’.

The double barrels also came in hot, leaving bemused parents tongue tied over mouthfuls ‘Django-Wolf’, ‘Aquamarine-Melody’ and ‘Christopher-Robin’.

“‘Greater-light’ has always stuck with me as the strangest,” a teacher confessed.

Some names, however, were just downright unfortunate, the worst being the devilish title of ‘Lucifer, and the uncomfortable ‘Chlamydia’.

Safe to say some parents will have some explaining to do when their bundles of joy grow up.

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