Mum sparks debate with extreme tactic to make child eat veggies

A mum has sparked debate on TikTok after revealing the extreme measures she takes to ensure her daughter is eating her vegetables.

Mum Ashley, who goes by @unlicensedtomom on the social media platform, shared a video of her making chocolate drops for her daughter who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and is a picky eater.

She melts dark chocolate in a bowl before adding powdered vegetables from a jar. She then pours the chocolate into a mould to set before feeding them to her child.

She added her daughter grew up eating vegetables and tofu, but she was later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder which came with eating sensitivities.

The mum adds powdered vegetables into melted chocolate.
The mum sparked debate with her idea. Source: TikTok

The mum sparked debate, however, over her use of powdered vegetables, with many claiming they were full of chemicals.

"That's like one per cent veggies," one commented.

"Girl this is sweet of you but that's not... gonna help..." another said.

"Not trying to criticise, but vegetable powders aren’t nearly close to the nutritional value or real vegetables," a third added.

"How does this count as vegetables?? Half of it is chemicals and even then it's not the same as an actual veg portion," somebody else shared.


Others however came to the mother's defence, saying she was doing the best she could given her child's food sensitivities.

"Thank you for being patient with her and trying! I have ASD-related food issues too. I mix my veggies into sauce (completely pureed, no chunks) and you can also mix veggies into dough to make pasta! Anything she's getting is better than nothing at all!" a person said in support of the mum.

"Y’all this mom is TRYING she’s literally putting veggie powder into her kid's food give her some credit her kid will eat veggies someday," another commented.

"That's so amazing, I'm picky and I love all these ingredients. I'm health conscious with my kids too great job," a third said.

After receiving the negative comments, the mum posted another TikTok showing the ingredients in the powdered vegetables, which included carrots, peas, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach and beets.

She also showed the label on the jar which said just one tablespoon equalled half a cup of vegetables.

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