Woolies shopper's hilarious reaction to 'sex tissues' goes viral: 'Not for your nose'

A Woolies shopper has gone viral overnight after unwittingly buying “sex tissues” from the supermarket.

The US woman, currently living in Sydney, picked up the Sorbent Thick & Large Facial Tissues while doing her usual grocery shop at Woolies.

Left: A young woman shows a tissue box smiling Right: The woman holds up an oversized tissue next to her head
A Woolies shopper has gone viral after unknowingly buying 'sex tissues'. Photo: TikTok/@ivereachedanewlow

However, it wasn’t until she got home and unwrapped the tissues that she noticed something was amiss.

“I accidentally bought dirty tissues. I can’t believe I forgot to show you guys this,” says the woman in a video posted to TikTok.


Playfully slamming the box of tissues onto the table, she says: “So there I was walking through the aisles of Woolies, and I saw this, I don't even know, I just saw tissues okay?”

She reveals that she jumped at the chance to grab some amid a national shortage that has seen the shelves of Woolies stripped of tissues and a limit of two boxes per customer imposed.

“I saw tissues and thought, ‘I’m gonna grab some’, because you can never have enough in this economy!” she says.

The first sign that something was awry with the Sorbent tissues was the slogan written on the top of the box: “Make some magic”.

'I just wanted some tissues and I got sex tissues'

Next, when the shopper’s boyfriend noticed that the black box was decorated in cheetah print, she realised the tissues might be intended for a more ‘X-rated’ purpose.

“So then, I look at this part,” she says, gesturing to the text on the front of the box.

It reads: “Limited edition, inspire me box designs, thick and large, soft, strong and extra thick for added protection.”

A box of Sorbent Thick & Large tissues in black leopard print on white background
The Sorbent Thick & Large Facial Tissues 95 Pack box is currently available at Woolworths for $2. Photo: Woolworths

However, it’s the sheer size of the tissues inside the box that really tickles the shopper's fancy.

“Look at how big these are,” she says, holding an oversized tissue up to show how big it is relative to her face.

“That’s not for your nose,” she laughs.

“I just wanted some tissues and I got sex tissues.”

Woolies shoppers mind-blown over woman's discovery

The amusing TikTok video quickly went viral, with dozens of customers shocked at the tissues' apparent true purpose.

"Are you kidding me? I just bought these like a few hours ago coz they were the only ones left and I didn't realise," laughed one shopper.

Woolworths trolleys lined up outside supermarket
Dozens of Woolies customer revealed they were mind-blown by the woman's discovery of the tissues true purpose. Source: AAP

"The fact that my dad bought these for our entire family. Never occurred to us," wrote a second.

While a third pointed out that large tissues used to be called "man-sized" for a reason.

'They are literally just tissues'

However, not everyone was convinced the tissues were anything other than facial tissues and told shoppers to "calm down" and stop "sexualising everything".

"Am I the only one who think they’re just tissues…?" asked one user.

"They are literally just tissues," wrote a second.

Currently, Woolworths advertises the Sorbent Thick & Large Facial Tissues 95 Pack as "facial tissues".

"Sorbent has always known that there's more to a tissue than just softness. Our Thick & Large tissues are extra thick and larger than a standard tissue for when you need that added protection," the website reads.

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