Mum’s brilliant Coles hack turns $5 product into KFC box

Not everything is as it seems in the KFC meal one mum shared on a Facebook group this week.

South Australian woman Teagan shared a photo of her latest creation, saying she put it together for her KFC-obsessed mother-in-law's birthday.

A cake made to look like a  KFC meal of chips, chicken, mash and gravy
Not all is as it seems with this KFC meal. Photo: Supplied

While it looks like it could be a homemade version of the famous fast food, it's actually something else entirely - a birthday cake.

"I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but last year I made my mother-in-law a chips and gravy cake, which was a huge hit," Teagan posted in the Woolies and Coles Mudcake Hacks Facebook page.

"This year I wasn't sure how I would top it, but according to her, I did lol! This is my attempt at the KFC cake hack!

"She and everyone else loved it."

She explained that she cut out a $4.80 Coles vanilla mudcake to make the chips and chicken pieces and used a "Coles sponge for underneath, with jam and cream in the middle."

To make the chicken pieces look realistic, she iced the cake in Betty Crocker icing and covered them in smashed cornflakes.

Meanwhile the pot of gravy is actually whipped cream with caramel sauce poured over the top.


"I love how these turn out!," one follower wrote.

"But I think my brain would be confused if eating it."

"It looks so much like the real thing," another said.

"Omg you can dip the 'chicken' in the 'potato and gravy', yum!" another added.

"I struggle to not see actual KFC. That’s crazy good," another said.

Teagan also revealed her local KFC was happy to provide her with the boxes for free.

Servings of cakes designed to look like KFC fast food such as nuggets and chips, all in KFC packaging.
All these are cakes thanks to the clever cake decorators on the Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks page. Photo: Facebook

Apart from being inspired by others who had tackled the project on the page, the mum of three boys told Yahoo! Lifestyle she was influenced by her father, "who made all of our birthday cakes growing up".

"When I had my own children, I wanted to do the same," Teagan said.

"My first few years of making them were fails, but I kept at it because I love making them and seeing the reactions of the people I make them for.

"I saw the KFC cakes a couple of years ago on the same page and actually did one then for my brother-in-law, but it didn't turn out nearly as well as this one has! "

Two Coles Madeira cakes disguised as chips and gravy in a silver tray
Teagan used two Coles madeira cakes for the chips and a layer of cake in the tray, caramel sauce for the gravy and vanilla pudding and strawberry jam for the filling. "It was a huge hit, she loved it!" Photo: Supplied

"I actually made a chips and gravy cake last year for my mother-in-law and posted it on that site," Teagan told Yahoo! Lifestyle.

"She loves KFC, so I decided to try it again."

And while she has no firm idea what she will tackle next, she has some family birthdays coming up that she will create a cake for.

"I enjoy making cakes for my friends and family," she said.

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