Mum's 'disgusting' find inside popular kid's bath toys

A mum has shared a shocking video showing the ‘disgusting’ mould she discovered when she cut open her child’s bath toys.

The woman took to Facebook to upload a video of the moment, alongside the caption: ”Throw out your kids squeezy bath toys right now’.

Mum cutting open kids bath toys
A mum has shared her 'disgusting' discovery inside her kid's bath toys. Photo: Facebook

In the video, she can be seen cutting into each bath toy, opening each one up and revealing a remarkable amount of black mould inside.

“Do it before you hate yourself like I do. I feel sick. I’m disgusted and I’m most of all I feel so guilty that my kids have been playing and bathing with these toys,” she continued,

“Wow, I’m just in shock. I’m just so glad my kids are healthy and this hasn’t made them sick.”

Commenters were appalled at what the mum had found, saying they’ll think before they give their kids their bath toys again.


Mould in kid's bath toys
Inside, the toys were full of black mould. Photo: Facebook

“Seriously grim! I used to always try and empty all ___ out after a bath then he’s got far too many I just don’t let him have them now,” one mum wrote.

“Yeah pretty gross i've thrown most away but i've never heard anyone gets sick. Better safe than sorry though,” another said.

Others said they seal the hole shut at the bottom of the toy so the water can’t get inside.

Mould inside squishy kid's bath toys
The mum said she felt 'sick'. Photo: Facebook

“You have to empty them after every bath. That's why we only used 3! I should've blocked the holes before I used them,” one person said.

According to the blog Mums Grapevine, a good way of cleaning out the bath toys after use is popping them in the washing machine in a delicate bag.

They also recommend giving the toys a vinegar bath to wash them out and drying them out in a sunny spot.

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