MasterChef fans 'floored' by guest judge's fish butchery masterclass

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Fans were left ‘mesmerised’ after a guest judge gave contestants a lesson in fish butchery on last night’s episode of MasterChef. 

Famous fish chef Josh Niland was invited into the MasterChef Back To Win kitchen, where he butchered a large kingfish up before the remaining chefs had to pick a piece of it and cook in an elimination challenge. 

Josh Niland gave the contestants a lesson in fish butchery last night. Photo: Channel 10

Josh made sure none of the fish went to waste, creating a shank from the tail of the fish, ttwo cutlets or darns, a butterfly fillet from the belly, a four-point rack, a tail chop, and two double cutlets. Finally, he was left with the traditional sashimi fillet.

While some fans were left ‘floored’ by the challenge, others said it was turning their stomachs and they had to switch off for that segment. 

Andy certainly looked mesmerised as Josh cut up the kingfish. Photo: Channel 10
Josh made sure no part of the fish went to waste. Photo: Channel 10

“I have never seen fish cut like this before!! Mesmerised,” one person said on Twitter, with another agreeing saying: “That is fish butchery like I have never seen in my life! This is why MasterChef is by far the best cooking show.”

Others said they were ‘floored’ by the skill and called it the ‘best thing that’s ever been on MasterChef’. 

However, others were more squeamish about the segment, with one person saying it ‘weirdly feels like an episode of Hannibal but with fish’, while another said it was kind of ‘disturbing’ to watch. 

The fish challenge ended up seeing Reece, Emilia and Tracy in the button three. 

But with Tracy’s fish overcooked and the sauce overpowered by pork, the judges sent her home. 

Taking to her Instagram account last night to post some images of her elimination, writing: “Well that was real tear jerker!! funnily enough our internet cut out so I couldn’t watch the end of tonight’s show. But don’t worry, I am pretty sure I know what the ending was!

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