Mourner's cheeky gesture to King Charles: 'Savage'

A mourner gave King Charles a cheeky surprise after he was caught on camera having a frustrated outburst over a leaky fountain pen.

The King was greeting those mourning the Queen's death when a woman handed him a pen in a light-hearted gesture.

A TikTok video shared by Sky News shows the woman laughing as she hands the King the pen and says, "Just in case".

King Charles appeared to appreciate the joke as he grabbed the pen and chuckled.

A mourner hands King Charles a pen as he laughs.
A mourner handed the King a pen after he had an outburst over a leaky pen earlier this week. Source: TikTok/SkyNews

People on TikTok lost it over the hilarious moment, with one saying it was "sweet".

"It’s nice to see him being able to laugh about it," one said.

"Savage. that's so funny!" commented another.

"And this is why he will be wonderful as Monarch. His sense of fun as well as duty. Long live the King," a third added.


A woman claiming to be behind the cheeky gift also commented on the video, saying it was the highlight of her day.

"I MADE THE KING LAUGH," she said.

"He took it so well, cracking sense of humour!! Was a pleasure to meet you King Charles."

King Charles has an outburst while signing a document.
King Charles III was at a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland as part of his United Kingdom tour when he became agitated with a leaky fountain pen. Source: Twitter / CBS News

The King had the outburst over the fountain pen as he was taking part in a ceremony in Northern Ireland earlier this week.

In the video, the new sovereign was seen signing a visitor’s book in front of cameras at Hillsborough Castle – the Royal Family’s home in Northern Ireland – when he became frustrated after ink spilled out of the pen and onto his hands.

"Oh god I hate this!" the Monarch said, standing up and handing the pen to his wife Camilla, Queen Consort.

"Oh look, it’s going everywhere," Camilla said as her husband wiped his fingers.

"I can’t bear this bloody thing — every stinking time," King Charles said as he walked away.

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