Body language expert reveals 'distressing' Will and Kate moment

A body language expert has revealed Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton were "highly distressed" during the Queen's coffin procession to Westminster Hall.

A photo of a doleful William and Kate showed the prince with tightly compressed lips while Kate appeared strained as she held back emotion.

Body language expert Katia Loisel told 7News there were hidden signals in the photo that showed the pair were "highly distressed".

A body language expert claims this photo shows Prince William and Kate Middleton in a 'distressed' state. Source: Getty
A body language expert claims this photo shows Prince William and Kate Middleton in a 'distressed' state. Source: Getty

"Their slightly lowered heads, use of protective arm barriers, furrowed brows, tension in the neck and mouth and tightly compressed lips [indicate] a couple who are trying to hold it all in," she said.

The expert added their compressed lips were a sign of negative emotions and the fact William is pressing his together so tightly they appear to disappear indicates "extreme levels of discomfort and stress".

Prince William and Kate mourned the Queen at Westminster Hall with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in tow.


In the sombre scene reminiscent of when Prince William and Prince Harry followed the casket of their mother as she was taken on a similar procession 25 years ago, Kate acknowledged Princess Diana as she wore the pearl drop earrings given to Diana as a wedding gift in 1981.

Wearing a black veil and dress, Kate also completed her outfit with a diamond and pearl leaf brooch which belonged to the Queen.

A video of Kate during a short service conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury touched many as she was visibly emotional and looking to the ground.

"Beautiful inside and out. She was very close to the Queen," one said on Twitter.

"Catherine is fighting it, and only just holding it back," another said.

"Catherine is a true royal clearly heartbroken."

Prince Harry was also seen wiping tears from his eyes as the Queen's coffin arrived at Westminster Hall.

"My heart breaks for [Harry]. Losing one of the main women in his life is so hard," one wrote.

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