The Motherly Podcast Season 18

Bestselling Poet Cleo Wade on the relationship between motherhood and creativity

Cleo Wade is the mom of two and New York Times bestselling author and poet whose work explores hope, resilience, and the power of love. She just published her newest book, May You Love and Be Loved, which is a heartfelt lyrical picture book that's really a love letter to the potential of the future and to her kids and her own kids. In this conversation, Cleo opens up about what inspired her book, the childhood experience that introduced her to poetry, and how motherhood has evolved her creativity as a writer and artist.


Mother Untitled’s Neha Ruch on changing the outdated perception of stay-at-home mom

Neha Ruch is a mom of two and the founder of Mother Untitled, a platform that provides resources for ambitious women who took a career pause to have children and who want to reenter the workforce. In this episode, Neha and Liz open up about their own personal ambitions, how having children invited them to downshift their careers, and reexamine their identities that were really part of our success in the corporate world. They also talk about how the unpaid labor of stay at home mothers is still labor and the societal shifts needed to support working moms.