Bride and Prejudice star Jess reacts to mum-in-law Fatima's horrific insults

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Family drama went through the roof last night during the premiere of Bride and Prejudice which left viewers shocked after mother-in-law Fatima mercilessly insulted her son’s fiancée Jess in a bid to break them up.

Now 20-year-old Jess reveals what it was like to watch the episode back and what she wished she had said to her fiance Sayat’s mum during the time of their intense conversation. 

Bride and Prejudice star Jess has responded to the horrific insults from mother-in-law Fatima during last night’s episode. Source: The Morning Show

“A lot of the stuff wasn’t that new to me,” Jess says in her interview on the Morning Show, referring to Fatima’s calling her “a sl*tty party girl.”

I was pretty shocked with some of the comments about the way I dress and that I smell like cats. It was pretty emotional to watch her say those things about me,” she continues. 

Mum Fatima shocked everyone last night when she brutally insulted her son’s  fiancée. Source: Channel Seven

Jess continued to defend herself explaining, “It’s not uncommon for people my age to like to party – there are people much older than me that like to party-  but that shouldn’t define me as a person.”

Speaking of her own mother’s reactions to the comments, Jess says, “My parents were pretty emotional. For any mother, it would be hard watching that… Because just as a mother herself, she would never speak about another person’s child that way.”

And when it comes to what she would have done differently, Jess says, “I wish I had not been so overcome with emotion.”

Instead, she tells the Morning Show hosts, that she wishes she could have voiced the point to Fatima that she is not trying to marry Sayat to take him away from her but rather to prove how much she loves him and wants to be accepted as her daughter-in-law.

Jess wishes she hadn’t been so emotional during their heated conversation. Source: The Morning Show

The controversial show follows six couples seeking approval from their families to marry the love of their life, but it was mum Fatima that left viewers wanting to throw things at their TV. 

Sayat, 19, and his fiancée Jess, 20, are young and in love, but during the episode Sayat’s mother has made it very clear she’s willing to do anything to ‘destroy’ their wedding. 

“Jess is very dirty,” Fatima said in a piece to the camera. “Disgusting. She smells like cats.”

“I believe Jess is a sl*tty party girl,” she continued, “I don’t want my son to date a wh**e like that.”

Jess copped heat from her boyfriend Sayat’s mother Fatima when they broke the news of their engagement. Source: Channel Seven

Throughout the show, Fatima’s insults continued – only later she said them straight to Jess’ face when the couple attempted to announce their engagement to Seyat’s parents. 

Looking down on Jess, Fatima tells her son, “She knows why I don’t like her,” before continuing to criticise her cleaning skills, claim she’s made her son’s life worse and insult her for being from a different culture.

Fatima continued to look down on Jess with a look of disgust during their heated conversation. Source: Channel Seven

“I will never accept Jess,” Fatima says.

Jess is clearly hurt by the harsh words, but this seems to only provoke Fatima further, “She’s got no personality and she’s never happy! She’s always upset.” 

At this point, Jess reached breaking point and fled from the conversation to her bedroom where she broke down crying.

The verbal abuse pushed 20-year-old Jess to tears. Source: Channel Seven

“She didn’t have to be so harsh,” Jess cried when Sayat – who was sitting right next to her – naively asked what’s wrong. “She just sits there like I’m nobody, like I’m not worth anything.”

“That’s not something someone should do. Especially not a mother, not somebody that’s supposed to be mature.”

Unsurprisingly, outraged viewers had plenty to say on Twitter with one person fuming, “What kind of woman, what kind of mother sits there and tears down another woman for no other reason than she enjoys being vicious?!”

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