This is the most accurate depiction of the first child vs. the second child EVER

Lindsay Gurk tiktok
Lindsay Gurk/TikTok

The arrival of a first child means ushering in the dawn of a new era: adoration, precious milestones, and undivided attention undoubtedly contribute to the typically pleasant and calm demeanor of a first child. And then the second child makes their grand entrance. And, as Lindsey Gurk shows us in this hilarious viral TikTok, it all becomes a clash of parenting philosophies, a comedy of errors, and a test of survival.

The first child is (well, was) the ruler of the household. They had their own room, their own toys, and their own personal chef (Mom). Every milestone was celebrated with photo shoots, handmade baby books, and Facebook announcements. The first child had an extensive wardrobe, complete with tiny bow ties and frilly dresses. Their every whim was catered to, and their tantrums were met with negotiations and bribes.

Enter the second child—born amidst chaos, with parents who had traded in their baby books for survival guides. The second child’s milestones are often forgotten or mistaken for the first child’s. “Was it the first word or the second word?” becomes a common refrain. Hand-me-downs are the second child’s fashion statement, and their favorite toy is whatever they can snatch from their older sibling’s grasp or find on the floor of any given room.

Or as Lindsey Gurk captions her latest TikTok video: “My son spreads sunshine and butterflies all morning long. Daughter? Ehh… she just needs some time to… adjust.”

Gurk is mom to a five-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter. And as the hilarious video demonstrates, it’s not so much a gender thing as it is a birth order thing.

“Big second child energy! Why are they all the same,” one mom lamented in the comments.

“My 3-year-old woke me up and said “you have a banana for me?” Like that was the tax for opening my eyes,” another said. LOL.

“I have a 4yo son and a 2yodaughter and I’m so glad I’m not the only one I the trenches out here,” another mom shared.

As I type this, my four-year-old just sauntered over to where her 7-year-old sister was quietly building a Lincoln Log cabin and felled the entire creation with one quick jerk of her little clammy foot.

If you know, you know. And if you have more than one child, YOU KNOW.