The moment I realised I was officially a crazy dog lady

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Let me make one thing clear first up – I am actually happily married, but also completely obsessed with our two fur babies.

Ever since we got dogs – Benny and Jess – I started to realise that there are two types of pet owners: someone who has a dog, and someone that has a furry family member.

I will admit that I am the latter. I absolutely love my dogs, regularly share my food and bed with them, cuddle with them on the couch, and basically try and take them anywhere I go. Something by the way, I realised, Australia is extremely strict on, because in places like Europe and the US you can literally take your dog anywhere, as long as they behave. But that’s another point all together.

Introducing Jess and Benny, our two Blue Cattle dogs. Photo: Be

I reached next-level fur-mumma really quickly, and worry about my dogs constantly – when it gets cold outside, or when it’s is 47 degrees (yes it gets that hot where I live in summer). I worry if they have enough water, if they have enough toys, if they are getting along with each other, if they are getting enough exercise, if they are barking too much.

Honestly, it’s exhausting. But the moment I truly realised how obsessed I had become was when I got myself the Furbo Dog Camera.

I tried the new Furbo Dog Camera at home. Photo: Be

Put it this way, I now had a way that I could not only watch, but also interact with my dogs 24/7. Even while at work. Oh boy!

One day recently I was settling in for a comfortable lunch break in the sun with my book on my lap. Before I turned to the first page, I thought ‘why don’t I just check on the dogs?’

And so I did, and they were both asleep, curled up in the sun, and it was so adorable and then…. 30 minutes later, my break was over.

Look at those gorgeous puppies napping in the sun! Photo: Be/ Furbo

I’d just spent half an hour staring at my dogs lying in the sun. Help me.

The app linked to the dog camera also sends barking alerts to my phone, which happens regularly throughout the day when the two decide the wind is blowing in the wrong direction.

It also allows me to use a microphone feature on the device to tell them off about barking too much.

I’ve had plenty of my colleagues asking what the hell I’m doing when I randomly whistle or yell ‘BENNY STOP’ in the middle of the office. I’ve taken to heading into empty meeting rooms instead now.

My husband regularly tells me I need to calm the F down when it comes to worrying all the time. They are dogs. They will be fine.

But I feel like it’s nice to know what they get up too all day when we are both at work. Although I do have a book to get through. So no more wasting my lunch breaks.

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