The moment Mick and Tamara learn of Jess and Dan's secret MAFS affair

Alicia Vrajlal
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All hell broke loose tonight when Dan and Jessika’s secret affair was revealed on Married At First Sight. Photo: Channel Nine

Tonight’s Married At First Sight is the one we’ve been waiting for.

Jessika Power and Dan Webb finally came clean about their secret affair, and the aftermath was so explosive it could make up for an entire season itself.

“Now this all makes sense. You made me stay here by myself and made me look like an idiot and go f***** mental so you could play footsies and bloody flirt with him,” an outraged Mick told his wife Jess after learning the harsh truth.

“You are the most selfish brat ever. You spoilt b***h. Unbelievable,” he continued.

“To think at one stage I actually bloody liked you.”

‘You are the most selfish brat ever,’ an emotional Mick said. Photo: Channel Nine

Returning to the couch with the rest of the cast, he threw a cushion before Tamara said her piece.

“Settle,” she said with the ultimate sass when her unfaithful husband Dan tried to get a word in. You tell him, sister.

“You wrote stay because you wanted to try and make it work with me, but really it’s just because you wanted to hang with Jess. So you’re a liar,” she said.

“Everybody convinced me to stay and now I feel like a complete f***head.”

‘You’re a liar,’ Tamara told Dan. Photo: Channel Nine

Tamara said her issue wasn’t so much the fact that Dan and Jess liked each other, but how they went about acting on their feelings.

“It’s the lying, the manipulating, not only to me, but to everybody. It’s bull***t. We’re adults. Grow the f*** up,” she said.

Along with some serious tears, both Mick and Tamara stormed out of the commitment ceremony at various points after learning they’d been shamelessly cheated on.

After they’d left, the experts had to come to a big decision about Jess and Dan’s future.

The face of a guilty cheater. Photo: Channel Nine
The face of another guilty cheater. Photo: Channel Nine

But because this is a reality television show filled with the biggest plot twists for our entertainment, there’s no surprises when we heard expert John Aiken say they’d be letting the cheaters stay in the experiment.

“Our advice to you is to take this next week incredibly seriously,” he said.

Let’s see just how seriously Jess and Dan take it when Married At First Sight continues at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

The experts decided Dan and Jess can stay in the social experiment as a new couple. Photo: Channel Nine

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