Bikini model says she's 'too good looking' for love

Bikini model Jenna Thompson Photos: Instagram/miss_jenna_thompson
Jenna Thompson thinks she is too good looking for love. Photos: Instagram/miss_jenna_thompson

A bikini model has raised eyebrows after saying the way she looks makes it hard to find a long-term partner.

Appearing on UK breakfast program This Morning, Jenna Thompson revealed she “intimidates nice guys” because of her looks, and is afraid, “I’m too good looking to find love”.

“I seem to attract guys that are only after one thing or people that think they'll just have a go or have a shot and they seem to just want hook-ups," the mum-of-two told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

"Thing is, if you change yourself you’re never going to be truly happy are you?"

Jenna said changing her appearance means she wouldn’t be “authentic” anymore, and doesn’t want to do it just to meet someone.

The model also isn’t a fan of online dating, calling it a “minefield”, and revealing she was once dated a guy who eventually confessed he was actually married.

Jenna Thompson is a bikini model Photo: Instagram/miss_jenna_thompson
Viewers lashed out at Jenna calling her 'fake'. Photo: Instagram/miss_jenna_thompson

Viewers responded strongly to her comments, with some taking to Twitter to lash out at Jenna, while others commended her confidence and attitude of self praise.

Jenna isn’t the first woman to be publicly shamed for claiming she’s attractive.

Back in 2012, journalist Samantha Brick famously came under fire for a piece she wrote in the Daily Mail entitled: “Why women hate me for being beautiful”.

Samantha’s story went viral and she was trolled by tens of thousands of people on Twitter.

While praising your own attractiveness may still prove a taboo, women are increasingly realising a need for self love.

Earlier this year, plus-size model Charli Howard wrote a love letter to her body ahead of Valentine’s Day and urged other women to follow suit.

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