MKR runners-up claim they lost $30k

Photo: Channel Seven
Photo: Channel Seven

My Kitchen Rules contestants Ibby Moubadder and Romel Kouyan made it to the grand finale last night, but after failing to win they’ve revealed their bank accounts are a lot more empty because of it.

The competitive duo, who admitted to strategic scoring throughout the series, admit they splashed out a lot of money on food and decor in a bid to grab the top spot on the Channel Seven show.

“Give or take we put in $30,000 combined,” Romel told

Ibby and Romel hired professionals such as a stylist and graphic designer to help makeover their instant restaurant.

What’s more, they also spent thousands of dollars on flowers.

The contestants also forked out money for ingredients when practising cooking dishes in their own time.

“When we were practising it wasn’t as if we were just making one dish,” Romel told the publication.

“This is where the other money went. The majority of our ingredients, they’re f***ing expensive. We weren’t just making one dish. If we were serving 23 people, we were making 23 dishes.”

The MKR contestants are certainly given an allowance on the show, but it seems Ibby and Romel had gone above and beyond with their prep.

"Seven provides all contestants with an allowance to cover all ingredients for meals they cook as part of the program and for the décor at their Instant Restaurants,” a network spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

“If contestants choose to spend money above and beyond this that is at their own discretion.”

Last night Ibby and Romel lost the MKR grand final to winners Matt Gawthrop & Luke Stewart.

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