MKR premiere kicks off with drama after ‘sexy’ husband comment

Tension is brewing between MKR's Claudean and Coco and Pearls and it's only episode one.

My Kitchen Rules premiered its 13th season last night and it kicked off with a bang, with some of the more fiery women clashing at the dinner table.

Queenslander Claudean had her eye on NSW team Coco and Pearls after Coco made a flirty comment towards Claudean's husband Anthony, likening him to George Clooney.

The tension kicked off at Tommy and Rach's instant restaurant in WA, as audiences were introduced to all the new contestants taking on MKR 2023.

Claudean's package made it very known she was feisty, loud, opinionated and wore the pants in her relationship.

My Kitchen Rules' husband and wife team, Claudean and Anthony
My Kitchen Rules' husband and wife team, Claudean and Anthony. Photo: Seven

"I am very direct, I just say it like it is. I think I’m going to be the most hated woman in Australia,” she said.

After meeting Coco and Pearls at the dinner table, Coco said she got "weird vibes" from Claudean, and then decided to compliment Anthony at the dinner table.

“Have you heard before that you look like George Clooney?” Coco asked Anthony. “Claim it! Own it!”


MKR's Coco and Pearls
My KItchen Rules' Coco and Pearls caused tension with Claudean after "flirting" with her husband. Photo: Seven

Let's just say, if looks could kill, Coco would be six feet under.

"Stop flirting with him!" Claudean said.

“The Barbie twins, they really got up my schnoz,” she later said in her piece to camera.

MKR's Claudean
Claudean was left unimpressed by "Barbie twins" Coco and Pearls. Photo: Seven

After Coco revealed her real name was Chelsea, Claudean made reference to Coco being her "stripper name", with her husband Anthony later admonishing her for saying it at the dinner table.


"You either like me or you hate me and most people hate me," Claudean said to the whole table. "I always say how I feel and I'm not a fence-sitter."

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