MKR: Colin Fassnidge threatens to give 'yellow card' over controversial move

"I’m going to give you a yellow card in a minute."

Colin Fassnidge threatened to give out a 'yellow card' during the season finale of MKR on Tuesday night, while twin sisters Radha and Prabha faced off against Nick and Christian.

The contestants needed to cook four dishes for judges Colin, Manu Feildel and Nigella Lawson and things quickly became tense in the kitchen as they battled it out for the crown and $100,000 in prize money.

MKR's Colin Fassnidge
MKR's Colin Fassnidge threatened to give out a 'yellow card' during the nail-biting finale on Tuesday night. Photo: Seven

During the cook, Radha and Prabha's mum, who taught them everything they know, was present to cheer the girls on, as well as offer any advice she could offer as they were cooking.

The girls' mum was heard from above the kitchen, yelling instructions on how to cook prawns and prepare fish, causing Colin to step in.


"How many people are cooking in here today?" Colin asked the girls. "You seem to have the angel from above."

"Yeah, we got mum here today which is nice," Prabha responded, with Radha adding that their mum was being "very vocal".

She later added that this wasn't necessarily an advantage, saying, "It’s very difficult having mum there. There are so many things that we have to handle - and there’s also that level of pressure as well."

Radha and Prabha cooking in MKR finale
Radha and Prabha were already stressed, but then having their mum there added extra pressure. Photo: Seven
MKR's Radha and Prabha's mum
Radha and Prabha's mum offered plenty of advice to the girls from above. Photo: Seven

As their mum continued yelling out from above, Colin told the sisters that they "seem a little perturbed".

She then began telling them they needed more fish for their dish, with Colin stepping in and saying, "What’s that, mum? Do you want to come down, mum?"

When she said she would like to, he hit back, "No you can’t. I’m going to give you a yellow card in a minute."

This didn't stop her from offering unsolicited advice, which seemed to stress the girls out further.

At one point, she yelled out to Radha to cook the prawns, with the contestant telling producers, "I’m like, ‘No, not yet. I feel like it will overcook.’ But you know what? I’m not about to go against mum’s advice. I went against my instincts and followed hers and chucked it right in."

MKR announce winners

Radha and Prabha battled it out against Nick and Christian in the MKR finale
Radha and Prabha battled it out against Nick and Christian, winning by two points. Photo: Seven

While it might have been a stressful situation, the girls managed to take out the prize with a score of 27/30, with only two points separating them from Nick and Christian.


Prabha shared her excitement, saying, "I’ll never ever forget this moment. I’m literally shaking my knees right now."

"I couldn’t be more proud of everything that we’ve achieved through this," Christian added.

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