'Misguided gals': Shop owner blasted for sexist job listing

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A sweet shop owner has been blasted on social media after sharing a 'sexist' job ad and refusing to back down.

The owner of the shop, in Anderson, Indiana, took to Facebook earlier this month to share a lengthy job ad, which has since been deleted, according to The Kansas City Star.

Rather than sharing the usual things one might expect in a job ad such as a description of the job, the experience required and the pay, he decided to instead post his own poor experiences with some of his employees. 

Job listing
A job listing has gone viral. Photo: Gety Images

He described some employee behaviours he'd encountered such as laziness, manipulation, lying and "worst of all combined, the splitters".

"Splitting is a behavior of girls, young mostly but not always," he explained. "Usually taught by their mothers. This is the person who talks about others in an attempt to split people apart and feel better about themselves."


"This my friends, is poison in action. These misguided gals have no end game. It’s just spreading and stirring all the while believing they are innocent. It’s such a common thing among girls. This is where toxicity and drama find their roots."

He continued, saying "it's hard to deal with" especially because "many times they are good workers, which is even more frustrating."

"I can also say with certainty, there is no cure."

But apparently, this isn't an issue with his male employees, with the shop owner adding: "Boys seldom practice this... they just duke it out! Ha!"

Commenters suggested that perhaps there wasn't an issue with the women who worked at the store, but perhaps the store's culture.

"Why would anyone work for this woman-hating troll?" one user commented, with many others sarcastically commenting that they had "no idea" why he was unable to find people to work in his store. 

The post quickly garnered over 44,000 comments, but the owner refused to back down and apologise for the ad.

"I wish to begin with an apology," he wrote. "As you may know there have been things typed onto this page that is difficult to read. But not from me!! ha!! I’m sorry for the language folks have placed in their comments. It’s just awful."

He added he'd found three people to fill the positions he needed to be filled and that "the energy in the shop is thrilling".

He claimed his story had been tongue-in-cheek and said he'd never named or "targeted" any individuals with his post, however, he and his family have since been targeted.

"I admit, I poorly communicated my experiences. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I've made one here. But only out of ignorance, not malice."

He added: "I understand it's called the Cancel Culture. I will say, they are mean and will do anything and everything. It's been heartbreaking to my wonderful wife and I. They've sent numerous death threats and death wishes but nothing rises to the level of disgust they are at now."

However, it appeared too late as commenters were still not on his side.

"That is the longest non-apology I've ever seen," one user commented.

"Oh no! It's the consequences of my own actions!" someone sarcastically added.

"Me thinks he doth protest too much..." another added.

"Is this a business page run by high schoolers? Or is it supposed to be this unprofessional?" one user joked.

Sadly, few people were on the shop owner's side.

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