Miranda Lambert Issues Warning to Fans About Concert Behavior

Country music fans can always count on Miranda Lambert to tell it like it is. As she continues her tour, with dates across the country through October, she took a moment to issue a warning to fans about their behavior during her performances.

Miranda recorded a tongue-in-cheek video about fights during her shows, giving strict instructions on how they should be conducted. The country music star says, "If you want to fight at my shows, I'm all about it. Give 'em hell. I've got five songs for you: 'Fastest Girl in Town,' 'Kerosene,' 'Little Red Wagon,' 'Wranglers,' 'Gun Powder & Lead.' Don't do it during 'Tin Man.' That's not the time. I know you can hear the s*** talking cause it's a ballad. But that's not the time. So pick your times. You've got five songs. Look at the set list, and choose wisely."

Miranda finishes her message pointing at the camera with a wink. Fans hit the comments section to leave messages of appreciation for her attitude, saying, "This is the best 😂😂. Have some respect for Tin Man people. Also no fighting during vice either. Lol" and "Amen!! Don’t do it during The House That Built Me either." Another said, "Fighting during Tin Man should be a felony."

One commenter corrected Miranda and said, "Don't forget about 'mama's broken heart 😂,'" and Miranda replied, "yes that is on the set list too! So 6 songs!"

Country singer Ashley McBryde chimed in with "Queen."

If you've got tickets to one of Miranda's upcoming shows, be sure to plan accordingly!

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