Fans Gush Over the 'Goodest Boy' Working the Eras Tour Decked Out in Friendship Bracelets

Taylor Swift fans are pretty sure they spotted the “cutest thing ever” in photos recently taken outside an Eras Tour show in Amsterdam.

Two photos that one fan shared on X, formerly Twitter, showed a service dog standing outside the Johan Cruijff Arena while concertgoers moved around the area. In addition to the service dog vest, the four-legged Swiftie was photographed wearing several friendship bracelets on its right front paw. The friendship bracelet tradition has become popular among Swifties at Eras Tour shows, though most fans who wear and trade the bracelets are human.

The dog seemed unbothered by the friendship bracelets on its leg, gamely looking up at fellow Swifties as they exchanged friendship bracelets of their own.

X user @dearlovernjh, who shared the photos online on Friday, July 5, tagged them as being taken at one of Swift’s Eras Tour shows in Amsterdam and wrote, “im about to cry.”

Several fans agreed with the emotional sentiment as they reacted to the photos online.

“That’s adorable!” one X user wrote as another admitted, “this has actually made my day???”

“I love it! Puppy got fwiendship bwacelets at Eras Tour in Netherlands,” one X user tweeted while another gushed over “THE PUPPY BRACELETS OMG.”

Many X users agreed that the photos were “so cuteee,” with one quickly declaring the dog the “goodest boy (or girl).”

The “Fortnight” songstress performed her second of three consecutive nights in the Netherlands on Friday. From there, Swift’s Eras Tour is slated to continue its European leg with concerts in Switzerland and Italy next week, followed by dates in Germany.

Though most of her tour’s remaining shows are scheduled to take place internationally, Swift is expected to return to the U.S. for a handful of shows this fall before the tour wraps up in December.

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