Fans Say Gordon Ramsay’s 5-Year-Old Son Oscar Is His ‘Mini Me’ in ‘Absolutely Adorable’ Rare Video

Gordon Ramsay’s fans are amazed at how much his 5-year-old son looks like the celebrity chef.

Those similarities were on display in a rare video starring Oscar that Ramsay, 57, shared on social media on Saturday, July 6. The video focused on Oscar as he stood in his room while wearing a special blue T-shirt featuring a caricature of his father. The Hell’s Kitchen star was easily identifiable for his swoop of blonde hair and crossed arms, which hovered over the phrase, “Well done.”

“Is that you on there?” Ramsay asked his son.

Oscar peered down at the image on the shirt before emphatically answering, “No.” When his father asked who the image depicted, Oscar answered, “You.”

“But your hair’s the same as mine,” Ramsay said.

“Yeah, but yours is spiky,” Oscar pointed out, an observation that drew a laugh from his dad.

“Like father like son @oscarjramsay ❤️,” the restaurateur captioned his video on Instagram.

While some fans indicated they’d gotten a chuckle out of Oscar’s “spiky” hair comment, most gushed over how sweet the video was and how much it illustrated the similarities between father and son.

“Hé looks like his daddy❤️❤️,” one fan wrote as another agreed, writing, “😂 He is your mini me! 😂.”

“This gorgeous boy is going to have 1 million girlfriends when he turns 12,” one Instagram user predicted, adding, “He’s absolutely adorable.”

The similarities between Ramsay and his son also inspired some Instagram users to give Oscar nicknames, such as “little chef Ramsey,” “little grams” and “Lil Chef.”

“He looks so much like you ❤️,” one person commented.

Ramsay and his wife, Tana, welcomed Oscar into their growing family in the spring of 2019. The couple, who have six children together, announced their family’s most recent addition last November with the birth of Jesse, their youngest son.

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