Millie Bobby Brown hits back at trolls who shamed her for dressing inappropriately

Millie Bobby Brown isn’t letting the haters get her down, telling them to “scroll past” anything they don’t like on her Instagram feed.

The 14-year-old actress received an onslaught of responses from social media commenters after she posted a photo of herself on Instagram on Saturday.

In the photo, Millie posed in a form-fitting, snakeskin-print dress with neon yellow accents.

She paired the body-con dress with strappy black high-heeled sandals, as she stood on a staircase tucking her hair behind her ear. In the second shot, she’s shown covering her mouth with her hand and laughing.

“Write a caption,” she wrote alongside the images — and that’s when the internet started chiming in.


The mature outfit proved to be too much for some of Millie’s Instagram followers, who were quick to attack with comments claiming the actress is growing up way too fast.

“When you hit puberty and think you’re 25,” one commenter wrote.

“Act your age,” another said.

“You’re like 12 where tf is your mother,” was another response.

Millie wasn’t about to let followers bring her down, however. In an Instagram story, she quickly fought back.

[I know] everyone on my last pic wants me to ‘act my age’ but quite frankly it’s my instagram and if I choose to post that picture and you don’t like it… scroll past it,” she wrote. 

Actress Millie Bobby Brown hit back at the haters online. Photo: Getty

As of Sunday, many of the hateful comments had been deleted. But there were also several comments in support of the actress.

“She is dressed perfectly fine. Nothing is showing except her legs and she can dress the way she wants to. Get a grip,” one commenter replied. 

The Stranger Things starlet, who rose to fame for her role of Eleven on the hit Netflix show, didn’t attend the Golden Globe Awards this year, since the show didn’t rack up any major nominations.

She did, however, enjoy a nice quiet evening at home, according to her Instagram.

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