Michelle Bridges' bikini selfie goes viral over awkward detail

Kristine Tarbert
·Features and Health Editor
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Michelle Bridges has shown off her incredible figure uploading a bikini selfie online, but one tiny detail has left many of her followers in stitches.

“When you lose your bikini bottoms in the washing and end up wearing your undies to swim in,” she captioned the post, though it wasn’t the fact she was actually wearing underwear that caught the eye of her fans.

michelle bridges bikini photo fail
Can you spot the awkward detail in Michelle's photo? Photo: Instagram/michelle bridges

Instead, it was the personal trainer’s pink fingernail, and its awkward appearance in the nipple region that caused many people to do a double take.

“Your finger in the picture made me look twice,” one person commented.

“Your fingernail is trying to impersonate a nipple,” another also spotted.

While a third wrote: “When your finger nail looks like a nipple.”


The 50-year-old had also noticed the details adding in the hashtag #strategicallyplacedfingernail along with plenty of laughing emoji.

michelle bridges
Michelle had a good laugh about the awkward detail. Photo: Instagram/michellebridges

It comes just after another star’s selfie went viral for its own very ‘naughty’ hidden detail.

Celebrity chef and MasterChef alumn Poh Ling Yeow has sparked a frenzy among her followers online by sharing a photo of herself that contains a very X-rated hidden detail.

“You might wanna zoom in on my top. There’s an incident happening on the right,” she captioned the selfie

Poh Ling Yeow
The hidden details in Poh Ling Yeow's selfie went viral. Photo: Instagram/Poh Ling Yeow

“Looks naughty,” one person pointed out, adding one of many laughing and more mushroom emoji.

“Hahahahaha and here I thought it was going to be food, you are so funny,” one person commented.

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