Michael Bublé reveals surprising connection to Australia: 'Happy place'

EXCLUSIVE: The singer opens up about why he loves visiting Australia so much.

Ever since Michael Bublé released his first studio album over two decades ago, he’s had a strong connection with Australia.

The Canadian crooner has had nine top 10 albums on the ARIA charts, including five #1s and one of the country’s best-selling albums of all time with Christmas, and has made several appearances at national award shows and sporting matches over the years.

Michael Bublé performing.
Michael Bublé describes Australia as his ‘happy place’. Photo: Getty

“I love it here, this is my happy place,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle during his first visit Down Under in over three years.

“There are a few places that have really taken me in, places like the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Philippines. It’s kind of strange, these places where there’s just been this really cool, really tight relationship where I have been taken in and loved, and it's impossible for me not to love those places back.”


With previous trips involving performances at the Logie Awards and a memorable cameo in Da Kath & Kim Code, Michael admits it “bothered” him to be away from Australia for so long.

“There was a time when I started coming here and it was like, me going on Rove or showing up at the big games and going to big footy matches and stuff, and I felt like we all knew each other,” he details.

“Like, I knew that I could walk down the street and I felt really connected here. And just because of Covid and all that stuff I haven't been here as much and, I'm sorry, but it's not the same thing going on Zoom.

“Magic always happened every single time I came down, whether it was going on Idol or whatever it was, and so it's just been too long and I felt disconnected. So it meant a hell of a lot to me to come down here.”

Michael Bublé holding a can of bubly.
Michael has helped launch bubly sparking water in Australia. Photo: Supplied

Michael's mission in Australia

In addition to being in Australia for his Higher Tour, Michael arrived in the country this month to officially launch bubly sparkling water.

The singer has had a long history with the brand since starring in their 2019 Super Bowl commercial where he defaced the cans to change the spelling to ‘Bublé’ - which he has also started doing in Australia.

“I thought I would do one ad and that would be it, and here we are years later,” he says. “Besides them screwing up the name, bubly has done everything else right. And so, moment by moment, truck by truck, store by store, I try to remedy that by taking that bloody ‘e’ and put it there with the accent. So take that ‘y’ off from bubly and turn it into Bublé.”

Michael adds that his brand ambassadorship with bubly has been “one of the greatest partnerships” of his life, and he’s now begun writing the ads with them.

“Going through Covid and other times, it was amazing that, you know, no concerts, no tours, no records, and yet I still had the ability to be part of people's lives and to be part of culture,” he continues.

“I wish it hadn't taken so long, but I'm thrilled that now finally Australia gets to enjoy, and they will. It’ll be a massive success here, I'm sure, with or without me.”

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