Mia Khalifa's Sheytan Drops 420 Thong

Not long after Mia Khalifa first launched her new jewelry and accessories label Sheytan, the fashionista has been popping up everywhere with fashion week appearances, calendars and collaborations. To celebrate 420, Khalifa launched a special edition item with Sheytan: a 420 thong.

Arriving in two colorways of green and black, the string thong features a gold marijuana leaf and adjustable straps. Sharing the design on Instagram, Khalifa stated: "This design means so much to me! [It] really feels like I've watched a bud blossom, finally releasing it."

Speaking about Sheytan's products and what makes them unique, Khalifa said "Our intentions and our production. There's so much meaning to us in the details, from why each item is created to where it's created."

Sheytan launched back in July 2023 and since then, Khalifa has been on quite a journey through the fashion industry. When asked about what she's learnt these past few months, she added: "No one knows the deadlines you've set for yourself! Be patient, even if it means not meeting them in exchange for perfection of product. It's been terrifying, but the most fulfilling thing of my life."

Take a look at the new Sheytan 420 thong above and head to the brand's website to cop.

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