Melania Trump rejects Donald Trump in shocking viral video

Twitter has gone bananas over a video that seems to show Melania Trump repeatedly wriggling out of attempts by her husband, President Donald Trump, to hold her hand.

In scenes familiar to anyone who has been on a very different page to a bad date, Melania was spotted gently detangling her hand from her husband’s several times before yanking it away altogether.

Melania Trump and Donald J Trump leave Air Force One Melania swats Donald's hand away
Melania has sparked a frenzy online after she seemed to swat Donald's hand away while leaving Air Force One. Photo: Twitter/ thehill

The domestic disharmony was spotted in footage of the couple and their son, Barron Trump, disembarking Air Force One on Monday.

The pair led the way down the steps, a strong wind blowing the First Lady’s hair over her face, and her husband’s hand into hers, apparently.

Melania avoid Donald Trump's hand in viral Twitter video
The video shows Melania yanking her hand away as Donald tries to grasp it. Photo: Twitter/ thehill

Despite the awkward early moments, the pair do eventually hold hands at the video’s conclusion as they board a second plane.

Twitter erupts over ‘cringe-worthy’ moment

The very awkward moment sparked a wave of response from online viewers left in hysterics over the moment.

Shared by Washington political news site The Hill, the video went viral almost immediately and has now been viewed over 3 million times.

Many couldn’t help but have a giggle at the very uncomfortable video.

“Melania playing ‘the floor is lava’ with that hand,” one woman wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Trump trying to hold Melania’s hand and her absolutely not allowing it will never cease to make me laugh,” another wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Others could only write what they saw.

“Trump tries to grab Melania’s hand twice, and she wants nothing to do with him,” journalist Mike Sington wrote.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“First Lady Melania is really determined not to hold his hand,” someone else agreed. “But can you blame her[?]”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Others argued the video though initially seeming like a funny swat away, was actually just the president’s wife trying to hold her coat and skirt together in the blustering wind.

“This video is making the rounds making like Melania doesn't want to hold Don's hand,” one person wrote. “It looks TO ME like Melania is trying to keep her skirt closed. I don't like Trump as president. But what I like even less is when people spin things based on their political persuasion.”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

It’s not the first time the presidential couple have made onlookers wince with their less than harmonious public interactions.

The First Lady’s often unusual public reactions sparked a joke-conspiracy theory online, with people pretending a ‘fake’ Melania security guard was being used to fill in for her at state events.


Body language expert says Melania in a ‘heightened state of stress’

Another video of the couple earlier this year also sparked similar reactions online.

A body language expert told Yahoo Lifestyle at the time that Melania appears to be in a “heightened state of stress” after a video of a cripplingly awkward moment between her and husband Donald went viral.

Body language expert Suzanne Masefield told Yahoo Lifestyle Melania was attempting to control her true feelings.

“Melania shows what we call a poker face, masking her true feelings with little muscle movement in her face initially and her body is rigid,” Suzanne tells us, adding that in the ‘freeze, fight or flight scenario’ Melania appears to be in freeze “representing a heightened state of stress”.

“When her husband turns to her to speak to her she draws in breath, does a slight lip bite controlling her anger, followed by a facial micro-expression of disgust.

“All is not well in their marital world going by this interaction”

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