Barron Trump all grown up in rare public outing

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

He was thrust into the headlines two years ago when his dad became President of the United States of America, but Donald Trump’s son Barron now looks totally unrecognisable.

The 13-year-old stepped out for a rare public outing with his mum, Melania Trump, and his dad, Donald Trump, as they returned to the White House after spending two weeks at Trump’s golf club in New Jersey.

People can't get over how different Barron Trump looks. Photo: Getty Images
Barron looks very different to this photo from two years ago. Photo: Getty Images

But people can’t get over how tall the teenager is, especially considering he towers over his dad, who is 6ft 2in.

Wearing a black Ralph Lauren T-shirt and matching black trousers, Barron mainly looked down at the ground, only looking up to whisper something to his dad, who could be seen waving at waiting photographers.

Barron finished off his outfit with a thick silver chain around his neck and a pair of white Nike runners.

Barron looks to have had a growth spurt and is now even taller than his 6ft 2in dad. Photo: Getty Images
Barron could be seen whispering into his dad's ear at one stage. Photo: Getty Images

In November last year, fans went into meltdown when Barron was seen walking into the White House alongside his parents after the Thanksgiving holidays.

People couldn’t get over how tall the teenager appeared in the snaps and took to their accounts to chat about his sudden growth spurt.

The young man is seen here in 2017 after returning to Washington after his 2 week working vacation in New Jersey.

Of the President’s five children, Barron is the only one who still lives at home, and even prior to the family’s introduction to the White House, First Lady Melania made it clear that her priority would be to take care of him.

In fact, he and Melania stayed in New York until mid way through the President’s first year in office so that Barron could finish the school year without moving state.

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