Mel Greig: My one-night stand continued for two years

It’s safe to say that my love life has either been non-existent or all over the place over the past two years. I separated from my husband and had just started doing breakfast radio in a family coastal town so meeting guys was hard.

But maybe my love life isn’t moving forward because I’ve always had the safety net of my one-night stand.

I’ve always had the safety of my one-night stand but it’s time to move. Source: Instagram/Mel Greig

The strangest thing about the situation was that I was completely oblivious to the fact that it had been going on for 2 YEARS . . . it started off being a month between special catch ups, at one point 6 months and then back again to 1-2 months.

We knew from the start that it was never going to go anywhere, in fact, I liked that he was honest about his situation and I needed the time to heal after my heartbreak too.

But as I sit here in Port Douglas watching loved-up couple’s swim by, it’s made me realise that I am now ready to move forward, and I need to break-up with my one-night stand.

I’m learning that you need to always be open to finding new love. Source: Instagram/Mel Greig

We aren’t in a relationship and never have been so this isn’t the typical break-up but I always knew he’s there as an option and when I go out, instead of investing time meeting new guys I’ll get into the habit of just putting the booty call out to him. That can’t happen anymore.

My last relationship has caused a lot of damage, the trust was broken, and I stopped believing in true love. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, I think all of us deep down just want to be swept off our feet like a romantic movie.

Even hearing Sophie Monks fairy-tale of finding love next to her on a plane has me scouring the plane isles trying to make eye contact with the imaginary love of my life but what I learnt from her story is that you always need to be open to love. If you stop believing in true love and worrying about having your heart broken again, you’ll send that out to the universe.

So, as I watch these couples swim past giggling with their piggyback and horsey ride cuddles past me, I smile . . . I don’t get bitter . . . I smile, and I’m reminded that love is real, and we all have someone out there for us.

Watching loved-up couple swim past me during a holiday to Port Douglas made me realise I want to be one of them. Source: Instagram/Mel Greig

It’s just that sometimes we need to learn and grow from other relationships before we are presented with Mr Right, well that’s what I’m choosing to believe.

We really need to consider which people we choose to invest time in. I knew what the situation was with my one-night stand and it’s never been an issue . . . until I realised that it’s holding me back.

And as I delete his phone number, I actually don’t think he’d care if I never booty called him again and when you put that into perspective, you really need to look at your self-worth.

I’d rather be in a couple floating past with love in my eyes over a one-night-stand relationship any day.

It’s time I re-evaluate my self-worth. Source: Instagram/Mel Greig

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