Meghan slammed for putting Prince Harry on a diet

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They promised to stick by each other through thick and thin at their wedding in May, and it appears thin might be the operative word for Meghan Markle following reports she’s put Prince Harry on a diet.

Notorious for her clean-eating diet and love of green juices, rumours first swirled back in April that the former Suits star had ordered Prince Harry onto a pre-wedding diet.

It was reported Meghan had put Prince Harry on a pre-wed shed before their May 19 nuptials. Photo: Getty

British author and self-confessed Meghan fan Jilly Cooper has now weighed in on Harry’s weight, saying she doesn’t agree with trying to change how your partner looks.

“Harry’s a lovely, hunky man,” Jilly told The Sunday Times.

“You shouldn’t put men on diets. I think that’s awful. I don’t like correcting people.”

“I want him to be our Harry, as well as her Harry. He’s a good boy who desperately needs a loving atmosphere.”

Author Jilly claims Meghan shouldn’t be putting Prince Harry on a diet, and should instead accept who he is. Photo: Getty

Green juices are a far cry from Harry’s previous diet, which saw him a fan of cigarettes and alcohol.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl revealed in her book Harry: Life, Loss, and Love how the prince completely changed his attitude to health soon after being introduced to Meghan in 2016.

Prince Harry and Meghan had very different approaches to diet before they met. Photo: Getty

“I wrote about how Harry cut out junk food after he met Meghan, who loves to eat ‘lean, clean, and green’ foods,” Katie revealed to Vanity Fair.

Notorious fun-lover Prince Harry has always been partial to a drink, and often a cigarette. Photo: Getty

“The American actress, who prides herself on a healthy-eating regimen and is a devotee of daily yoga sessions, is said to have emptied out the contents of Harry’s fridge and cupboards when she moved into his Nottingham Cottage bachelor pad, binning his favorite calorific treats.”

Let’s be honest, as much as we loved bachelor Harry, suave husband Harry is looking better than ever.

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