Meghan gives first TV interview since Megxit

An interview with Meghan Markle – thought to be her first, post-Megxit – has aired on Good Morning America.

The interview, revealed to have been filmed in 2019, shows Markle discussing her first job since stepping down as a senior royal.

Meghan Markle giving her first post-Megxit interview to Good Morning America
The Duchess of Sussex filmed an interview, in 2019, to promote the Disney documentary she narrates. Photo: Good Morning America

The 38-year-old landed a voiceover role in a new Disney+ documentary called Elephant, which follows a family of elephants across the Kalahari Desert in Africa on a 1,000-mile journey.

Elephant was filmed in conjunction with Elephants Without Borders, a charity both Markle and husband Prince Harry have supported over many years.

Describing it as a “passion project”, Markle said she was “really grateful to be given the opportunity” to bring the story to life.

She said she was “very lucky” to have the hands-on experience she has had with elephants in their natural habitat.

“When you spend time connecting with them and the other wildlife, you really understand that we have a role to play in their preservation and their safety,” Meghan said.

Many people thought the interview would be live after Good Morning America put a teaser out offering viewers an “exclusive first look” at the new show.

Instead Markle can be seen in a number of pre-recorded clips recorded in 2019.

Markle hasn’t taken part in an interview since her landmark conversation with ITV journalist Tom Bradby was broadcast in October.

The interview was part of the Harry & Meghan: An African Journey documentary, in which Markle admitted she “wasn’t OK” amid media scrutiny.

Although she hasn’t given any interviews since, she and Prince Harry have been seen delivering food to Los Angeles shut-ins for the Project Angel Food charity during the coronavirus lockdown.

Anybody watching the interview could tell that the former senior royal has chosen this project to work on as her first foray back into acting for good reason.

She speaks passionately about her love for animals, describing them as “so majestic and at the same time so sensitive and so connected”.

She concludes: “I hope when people see this film they realise how connected we are are, and if they had more of an awareness about the obstacles they’re facing, I think we’d take care of each other, this planet and animals in a very different way.”

Words by Caroline Allen

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