Meghan Markle's 'accusations' caused feud with Victoria Beckham

Meghan Markle made waves by accusing Victoria Beckham of “indiscretion”, leading to a rift between the pair, according to a royal biographer.

Tom Bower, the author of the new royal book Revenge, told The Sun that Meghan’s accusations led to an ‘awkward’ phone call between close pals Prince Harry and David Beckham.

L: Meghan Markle smiles at the camera in a green outfit. R: Victoria Beckham looks at the camera wearing a purple top.
Meghan Markle suspected Victoria Beckham was leaking stories to the press. Photo: Getty

The author alleges that the Sussexes were “addicted” to any negative press coverage they received, and spent hours reading newspaper articles and scrolling through social media.

Tom says that Meghan believed Victoria was leaking stories to the press, leading Harry to confront David about the possibility.

“Every night they scoured the internet to read the newspaper reports and the trolls’ posting on social media,” he wrote in his book.


“Irrationally, they grouped the two together and fed each other’s frenzy about the media.

“Convinced that as champions of goodness they were being persecuted by mendacity and racism, they felt victimised by the mildest criticism.

“Harry’s instability fed Meghan’s fears that friends were leaking stories to the media. In particular, she suspected Victoria Beckham of indiscretion.

“Harry called David Beckham to repeat the accusation. Outraged, Beckham’s truthful denials damaged their relationship.”

David Beckham and Prince Harry smiling at each other at an event, both in black suit jackets
David Beckham and Prince Harry have known each other for a long time. Photo: Getty

Prince Harry’s controversial interview

This comes after Prince Harry was slammed for his ‘uneducated’ comments about mental health in an online video.

The Duke of Sussex appeared in a video for BetterUp, a Silicon Valley startup, where he interviewed Olympian Chloe Kim.

Olympian Chloe got candid with the Prince and revealed she can’t perform at her ‘peak’ when she’s ‘doubting’ herself, and feeling ‘negative emotions’.

Prince Harry interviewing, in a grey shirt with a blue background
Prince Harry was slammed for controversial comments he made in an online video. Photo: BetterUp

The royal told people to reach ‘peak mental fitness’ and advised them to ‘flex’ their mind instead of focusing on ‘fixing it’.

People were furious at the Duke of Sussex for giving advice on a topic that he isn’t ‘educated’ in.

“Why Harry, why not someone qualified?” one angry user wrote.

“You just know he has no clue what she is talking about…” another added.

“Nope…he just waits for the next bandwagon to jump on that he’s not qualified to talk about!” someone chimed in.

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