Prince Harry slammed for controversial comments: 'No clue'

Prince Harry has been slammed for his ‘uneducated’ comments about mental health in a new online video.

The Duke of Sussex appeared in a video for BetterUp, a Silicon Valley startup, where he interviewed Olympian Chloe Kim.

Prince Harry pictured in the BetterUp video, wearing a grey shirt
Prince Harry has been slammed for controversial comments he made in an online video. Photo: BetterUp

Olympian Chloe got candid with the Prince and revealed she can’t perform at her ‘peak’ when she’s ‘doubting’ herself, and feeling ‘negative emotions’.

The royal told people to reach ‘peak mental fitness’ and advised them to ‘flex’ their mind instead of focusing on ‘fixing it’.


People were furious at the Duke of Sussex for giving advice on a topic that he isn’t ‘educated’ in.

“Why Harry, why not someone qualified?” one angry user wrote.

“You just know he has no clue what she is talking about…” another added.

“Nope…he just waits for the next bandwagon to jump on that he’s not qualified to talk about!” someone chimed in.

“He was ‘too embarrassed’ to seek help for his supposedly suicidal wife and now we’re supposed to believe he’s a mental health guru? Please!” a fourth said.

Harry opened up about how he still thinks about his mother Diana often. Photo: Getty
Harry opened up about how he still thinks about his mother Diana often. Photo: Getty

Harry’s emotional tribute to Diana

This comes after Harry shared an emotional tribute to his mother Princess Diana on what would have been her 61st birthday.

Speaking at the Diana Awards, the royal told the young recipients he still thinks of his mother “every day”.

"There isn't a day during the past two-and-a-half decades where I haven't thought about the mark she left, not only on me and my brother, but on all of our lives," he said.

"I see her legacy in all of you. I see her legacy in a Diana Award community that spans multiple generations. I see her legacy every time I meet with families, young people, and children from all corners of the world.

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