Megan Moroney's Net Worth Is About to Skyrocket

Megan Moroney

Megan Moroney, country music’s breakout star, has unsurprisingly made a splash this awards season, securing six 2024 ACM nominations and an early win: new female artist of the year. So how did Moroney arrive at this point in her career and what was she doing before becoming a star? Here’s a look at how she got her start, what her net worth is and how much money she’s making as a successful country artist.

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How did Megan Moroney get her start?

Moroney was raised in Douglasville, Georgia, and comes from a musical household. When she was a freshman at the University of Georgia she got the opportunity to open for a country artist at the Georgia Theater, which inspired her first original song.

She released her debut EP in 2022, titled Pistol Made of Roses, followed by her single Tennessee Orange, which rocketed her to fame. The song reached five million streams in just five days and she was invited to perform it on ESPN’s College GameDay.

“I’m a diehard Georgia fan, but one day I found myself in a boy’s Tennessee shirt and realized my mom would kill me if she saw me wearing it,” Moroney said. “I thought that was a clever idea for a love song—sort of like, ‘Look what I’m willing to do for you.’ I had no idea it would be the song that changed my whole life.”

Moroney released her debut album, Lucky, in May 2023 and her next album, Am I Okay?, is set to come out on July 12.

How much money has Megan Moroney made?

Because Moroney is so new to the music scene, it’s hard to find any information on her earnings. She dropped her EP in mid-2022 but didn’t make a name for herself until releasing Tennessee Orange toward the end of the year.

And she wouldn’t have guessed that Tennessee Orange, a song about love and football, would be her first big success.

“If I would have thought, like, ‘What is my breakout moment going to be?’, it wasn’t going to be a song that was recorded, mixed, mastered and turned in in 48 hours,” she told AP. “That’s the thing about putting out music. You just don’t know what’s going to resonate with people.”

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What is Megan Moroney's net worth?

There is no reputable data on Megan Moroney’s net worth in 2024. Some sources report as much as $5 million, but others say she’s worth as little as $75,800. The reality may fall somewhere in between.

While she is new in her career, headlining sold-out tours (which she did twice in 2023) is no easy feat, and Moroney is likely making millions as her popularity continues to increase among country music fans.

Does Morgan Wallen like Megan Moroney?

After Moroney released her single Tennessee Orange in September 2022, rumors started that she and country star Morgan Wallen were in a relationship. The two would often comment on each other’s social media posts and Wallen, who likes Tennessee college football, would go on to release the song Tennessee Fan in December.

During an interview on SiriusXM’s The Highway at the end of 2022, Moroney confirmed that the Tennessee shirt she references in her song belonged to Wallen, though she didn’t clarify if they were dating.

Later, in an interview with People in June 2023, Moroney expressed that the rumors made her uncomfortable. “I'm not the kind of person that likes to talk about things like that,” she said. “All my songs are about people. Tennessee Orange is a very nice song, but if I told people who it’s about, then they would ask me who Sleep on My Side is about. I can’t tell you that because it’s not a nice song!”

She added, “[What] ‘Tennessee Orange’ taught me is that I never want to hint at who my songs are about, ever again!"

Does Megan Moroney write her own songs?

Part of why Moroney’s fans love her is that her songs are so relatable—probably because they come from the artist herself. She has written or co-written all her own material.

“[...] I hope my music helps people feel like they’re not alone in whatever they’re going through,” Moroney said. “All these songs came from me writing about my life; I don’t ever put on a persona or try to be something I’m not. I’m just a 25-year-old girl from Georgia who happens to be very in touch with her feelings, and knows how to turn them into songs.”

Was Megan Moroney in a sorority?

Moroney attended the University of Georgia and was a member of the Kappa Delta sorority.

Has Megan Moroney won any awards?

Moroney has been nominated for a slew of awards this year, and recently was announced New Female Artist of the Year by the ACM Awards, which will air May 16, 2024. She’s expected to take home more titles, as she has six total ACM nominations.

“I’m also really proud of the song of the year, because I care so much about my songwriting and my songwriter friends,” Moroney told Billboard of her nominations. “I think it’s all just insane. It is a dream to be nominated and to be the top female nominated this year, I’m just like, ‘What the heck?'”

What is Megan Moroney's hit?

Megan Moroney’s first big hit, Tennessee Orange, took the country music world by storm in 2023. It peaked at No. 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 and cracked the Top 10 on Billboard’s Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts.

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