McDonald's Infamous Grimace Shake Is Finally Coming To Canada

Grimace Shake on white background
Grimace Shake on white background - McDonald's

Last summer, the Grimace Shake launched at U.S. McDonald's, sparking a wave of nostalgia, excitement, and even a viral Grimace Shake trend. This tapped into the purple character's dark side, with participants documenting themselves trying the drink only to end up lying on the floor apparently unconscious (or worse) in a purple milkshake puddle. It might have been horror-esque, but it was part of why the drink became so popular. Popular enough, in fact, to now be making its debut in Canada for a limited time starting May 14 -- according to a McDonald's press release. For any curious Canadians who have yet to try it, the Grimace Shake is said to have a flavor reminiscent of berries, vanilla, and birthday cake.

Grimace is one of many McDonald's mascots born in the '70s, with off-and-on appearances in ads and marketing campaigns. His persona has changed from that of a milkshake-stealing "Evil Grimace" to that of a plush, shake-loving companion to Ronald McDonald. Whether you see him as a nightmarish creature or a lovable character, Grimace is undeniably an iconic part of McDonald's history, and this latest news only reinforces that.

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The Grimace Shake Is Hotly Anticipated

Mcdonald's Canada Grimace Shake advertisement
Mcdonald's Canada Grimace Shake advertisement - mcdonaldscanada / Instagram

McDonald's had been quietly teasing Grimace's appearance in Canada for a few weeks leading up to the shake's official release. Grimace made a surprise appearance at a Vancouver Canuck's hockey game. McDonald's Canada then posted some hints on its Instagram page, including a picture of Grimace's passport and a thumb drive that loads what appears to be a very purple audio file ... how mysterious. Grimace's passport gives insight into his personal information, like a birthday of June 12, 1972, which aligns with the "Evil Grimace" being rebranded to a friendlier version. The passport is issued in McDonaldland, the fantasy world in which Grimace and other McDonald's characters live.

People are excited and shocked about the Canadian release, fervently commenting things like, "WAIT, ARE THEY BRINGING THE GRIMACE SHAKE TO CANADA?!" Another commenter is more keen on observing the passport details: "Gemini? I don't love that for him." Grimace will undoubtedly bring Gemini charm to Canada alongside the milkshake, causing potential chaos on social media once again.

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