McDonald's Is Giving Out Free Fries for the Rest of the Year

Talk about TGIFries!



Fast food used to offer a good bang for your buck, but if you've been through a drive-thru lately and ordered a burger and fries, you might be experiencing sticker shock instead.

After some surprising McDonald's pricing, like an $18 Big Mac meal, McDonald's is now courting its customers with better values. The popular burger chain has just launched a $5 Value Meal, which includes a choice of a McDouble burger or McChicken sandwich, small fries, four-count chicken nuggets, and a small soft drink. That's one way to lure back customers. Another is to give them free fries once a week for the rest of the year.

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How to Get McDonald's Fries for Free

The Golden Arches is offering a promotion every Friday until the end of 2024. Free Fries Friday is available exclusively through the McDonald's app. Order at least $1 of food or drink off the menu and you'll score a free medium French fry with your order.

That means you have 27 chances from now until December 27 to get free fries by purchasing $1 or more of food through the McDonald's app. As we've come to learn, there is not much on the McDonald's menu that costs just $1, but a small soda costs less than $2 at most locations. And fries and a Coke—famously better tasting than Coke elsewhere—make for a pretty perfect combo. Or, add the freebie to your $5 Value Meal. Sometimes, you just want to double the amount of McD's hot, salty French fries.

If that isn't enough, Mickey D's is celebrating National French Fry Day on July 13 by giving away free fries of any size, with no purchase necessary. Once again, the offer is exclusive to McDonald's app users. How sweet is that? Or rather, should we say, how perfectly crispy and salty?

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