McDonald’s Ignites Jealousy Among US Fans With New Fry Flavors: ‘Mad I’m Not in Canada’

American McDonald’s fans are growing increasingly jealous of an exclusive menu item that hasn’t yet arrived in the U.S.

Last month, some of the fast food chain’s Canadian customers who tried earlier versions of the new item, the McShaker fries, said the fries had been “life-changing.” A few weeks later, McDonald’s has added a couple of new seasoning options at the chain’s restaurant locations in Canada, igniting major FOMO among fans in the U.S.

The two new McShaker seasoning options are ramen and tzatziki, according to a preview shared on Instagram by Snackolator on Friday, June 21. As the food blogger explained, the seasoning packets enable customers to pour their flavor of choice into a bag of fries, mix everything together and enjoy the fan-favorite menu item with entirely new tastes.

Like the churro and masala seasonings unveiled last month, the new ramen and tzatziki flavors will only be available in Canada “for a limited time,” Snackolator reported. In the post’s caption, the food blogger made a pitch for bringing the new seasonings and earlier flavors to the U.S., noting that “there's no downside and you'd think it would be easy to handle seasoning packets as an option.”

Most fans who commented on the post were in full agreement.

“I would love for McDonald’s in the United States to have the French fry seasonings as well,” one person wrote as another tagged McDonald’s in their comment, asking, “why is this not in the U.S.”

“This looks delicious can't wait to try,” one Instagram user wrote.

Tzatziki-flavored fries “sound so good,” one fan said, adding it was “yet another day of being mad I'm not in Canada.”

While several people cast their votes for bringing the tzatziki seasoning to the U.S., one person hesitated over the ramen option. “Who wants Ramen flavored fries?” they wondered.

Some people who already had the opportunity to test out the new flavors offered their reviews in the comments.

“Tzatziki fries are mid, the ramen ones are ok. I promise you guys aren’t missing much!” one person wrote.

“@snackolator can confirm that the Tzatziki one is the best one HANDS DOWN! 👏🏼🔥,” another fan said.

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