Matty J announces major career change: 'Improve Australian lives'

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He’s a reality star, TV presenter, podcast host and father-of-two, and now Matty ‘J' Johnson has launched an exciting new career venture.

The 35-year-old, who starred on The Bachelor in 2017, announced last week that he has teamed up with Kellogg’s to create the Fun Fibre Flusher toilet paper.

Matty J wearing glasses.
Former Bachelor Matty J has created the Fun Fibre Flusher toilet paper with Kellogg’s. Photos: Instagram/matthewdavidjohnson

“I've wanted to do a product for a long time,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “There are a lot of content creators out there dabbling in the world of creating their own products, whether it's merchandise, perfume, skin care. I was like, what can I do? Where do I fit into the mix? And toilet paper was an obvious fit for me.”

While most toilet paper is blank, Matty’s rolls are laced with informative fibre facts and fun jokes to represent the importance of starting the day on a light-hearted note.


Matty explains that his intention was to create something that will have a positive impact on all Australians by improving their mood and encouraging them to have more fibre in their diet.

“Toilet paper has not really changed a whole lot since it was first invented,” he adds. “It’s a product that's lacked ingenuity, and the fact that it's been kept blank just seems absurd. So I thought I could come in and really disrupt the market with something new that is going to change the way people start their day.

“I’m here to just improve the lives of all Australians, regardless of how old you are.”

Matty J's Fun Fibre Flusher.
Matty hopes his new product will help ‘improve the lives of all Australians’. Photo: Supplied

‘Living in her shadow’

The Logie-nominated star went on to joke that a major inspiration behind his surprising career move was to “rival” his partner Laura Byrne, who owns the successful jewellery label Toni May.

“I think for too long now, Laura has been getting all the attention and accolades in terms of, you know, design and being an entrepreneur,” he says sarcastically.

“So I guess I'm fed up of living in her shadow to a certain degree, so I needed to have something that was my own, something that could rival Laura's achievements as a business person.”

He continues: “I can only imagine that come early next year we're going to see a lot of people having their lives change from this toilet paper. I think it would be amazing if come next year, every household in Australia had at least one roll of Fun Fibre Flusher in their bathroom.”

‘I want to make people laugh’

Alongside the release of his new product, Matty shared a hilarious video on Instagram poking fun at the design process.

“The biggest compliment that I can receive when people watch my videos is someone saying, ‘I had a really bad day at work and your video just put a smile on my face and made me laugh’,” he says about his unique social media posts.

“And ultimately, that's what I want to do. I think gone are the days of people wanting to open social media and feel s**t about themselves and look at somebody else with a perfect life in a perfect photo with everything being fabricated. So I really want to be silly, I want to make people laugh.


“Back in the day, my goal was to be on TV as a host,” he continues. “That’s where I saw success. And then these days, free-to-air TV is becoming harder and harder, budgets are smaller and there are fewer opportunities. And so then I thought, well if I can't make content for TV, then I'll just do it for my own audience because I've been blessed with this really great community online.”

To celebrate the release of the Fun Fibre Flusher toilet paper, Matty is currently giving away free samples to his followers on Instagram.

“The toilet paper is now hitting the masses!” he remarks. “Actually, a mum messaged me and said, ‘Do you mind if I get two for my children? They'd be perfect for Christmas’, which is just great. Leading up to Christmas, what better way to say ‘I love you’ to someone than by giving them the Matty J Fun Fibre Flusher toilet paper?”

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