MasterChef's Brent Draper reveals bizarre act during his wife's home birth

Brent made himself busy while his wife Shonleigh gave birth to their second child.

It’s been quite the year for MasterChef favourite Brent Draper, who has announced the birth of his second child just a few months after winning season 15 of the cooking competition.

The 34-year-old former tradie revealed to Woman’s Day this week that he and his wife Shonleigh welcomed a baby boy named Bowie on November 19.

Brent told the publication that while two midwives were helping Shonleigh deliver Bowie at home, he put himself to work by baking sourdough before she went into labour.

“If I ever had a baby, after pushing it out, I'd think a nice, fresh loaf of bread with butter is exactly what I'd want,” he said.

“So I put the bread on, and next minute things went from zero to 100 and the baby was born, and all of a sudden my alarm went off for the bread. He was born before the sourdough was ready.”


Shonleigh said she thought the situation was “so funny” and revealed that the fresh sourdough was the best thing she’s ever tasted.

“So the next minute they put me back into the bed, and I've got Bowie on me, and Brent is just hand-feeding me fresh sourdough with butter in bed,” she recalled. “I was like, this just could not get any better, seriously.”

MasterChef’s Brent Draper and his wife Shonleigh / Ben, Shonleigh and their son Alfie.
Brent and Shonleigh are already parents to five-year-old Alfie. Photos: Instagram/brentdraper_

'He'd be proud'

Elsewhere in the interview, Brent admitted he found it “tough” to celebrate the milestone following the death of his mentor and close friend Jock Zonfrillo in May.

“I always catch myself thinking of him. He's a big part of my life and a major part of why I changed careers – he's a big part of my journey,” he said.

“But he'd be proud. I do a lot of things for mental health, and the first person there for donations and support was always Jock. So he'd be very proud of the way I just keep pushing that and becoming a dad again.”


Brent’s new addition comes shortly after he revealed to So Dramatic! that he couldn’t watch every episode of this year’s season of MasterChef because it felt “weird” following Jock’s passing.

“I know what happened, I went through it, and we’ll just leave it at that,” he explained.

“I had a big party for the grand finale and it was on, but I wasn’t really invested in it. I just think you know what, I was there. When I won, [Jock and I] had a hug with each other and he whispered in my ear, he said, ‘You f**king did it’. So I’ll remember that moment, and that’s how I’ll remember the grand finale.”

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